Daughter Gone WIld


I’ve been a single dad for quite a few years now, my daughter’s mother simply wanted a divorce and didn’t want anything else to do with me or Jenn. You can ask me why but I really have no clear explanation, that’s just the way she wanted it.

So, I became Mister Mom when she was five and, while it’s been a strenuous job being a single parent, there have always been abundant rewards that have made it far more than worthwhile.

Jennifer has always been both pretty and bright, I’ve never had to push her to get good grades. I’ve also home-schooled her in addition to the school she attended full-time, she’s smart and eager to learn and it has given her a head start toward getting top grades. She’s always near the top of her class and almost always does extra credit work.

Jenn has been an ideal daughter, now in college, in her second year, again with excellent grades.

So, when I got a cardboard envelope addressed to me with her return college address on it, I wondered what it might be, a high-graded term paper, perhaps, or an exam paper she did well on.

I opened it and out slid a DVD disk with a note on it that read, “I guess your sweet daughter is growing up, see you next week, love, Jenn.”

The disk was “Girls Gone WIld, Wild College Girls, Volume 7.”

Well, I knew enough that there was only one reason my lovely daughter would send me such a video so I went into the den, turned on my laptop and slid in the disk.

It opened with bouncy Caribbean-style music and one girl after another flashed their boobs as I watched to see if Jenn was among them. The girls all seemed eager to show their tits and I could see why, they were all really nice, full, plump, round, firm, just perfectly in their sexual prime.

Then, the scene changed to a girl indoors, like in a bedroom, with a guy behind the camera asking her name and age and college. She was a beautiful olive-skinned brunette, very pretty, possibly of Italian descent or, maybe, Hispanic. She was obviously excited to be chosen by the filmmakers but also seemed a bit nervous.

He questioned her on about more sexual things, what her favorite position was, when she first had sex (it was thirteen, she said) and the like. Also some questions about girl-on-girl sex which she also has tried and liked, she said.

Then, he asked to see what was under her top and she looked a bit nervous but reached across and pulled it off to stand there in a white, low-cut, lacy bra. She looked quite beautiful.

He talked with her some more before asking her to drop her bra which she did, standing, rather proudly, I thought, and with good reason, they were stunning, as his camera panned, then got a close up of her nipples.

He talked some more about what she liked in sex and asked in he could see her booty and she obliged turning around and pulling her denim shorts down revealing a lovely butt barely contained in a tiny thong.

I decided at that point that, being a single guy, currently unattached, watching a very sexy video, that I would take the opportunity to relieve myself of some built-up sexual tension in the time-honored fashion so I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor, kicking them off, then lowering my boxers so I could easily get a grip on things as I watched. I hit ‘Pause’ and got up and quickly returned with my trusty bottle of hand lotion and started up the video again.

The girl, Samantha, was soon on the bed with her fingers stroking between her open legs as she dropped her head back slowly masturbating for the camera. Well, it was quite sexy and rather amazing that a coed would come right off the street, get naked and masturbate on camera. I knew that young women today were far more nonchalant about sex and nudity and this was a good example.

Samantha had a beautiful orgasm, the look on women’s faces during orgasm is always so beautiful and serene, it’s something that has always greatly turned me on.

Then there were some more outdoor shots at night in an obvious party atmosphere, again with girls freely flashing their boobs and butts to the camera.

They asked two girls, both blonds, into their bus, I supposed it was, and interviewed them quite extensively about their sex lives and it turned out that they had been friends since middle school and also lovers though both also had boyfriends as well.

They each took off their tops revealing their breasts which were quite pretty. Then they were quickly talked out of the rest of their clothes and into a naked embrace, kissing each other. It looked to me as they’d done this many times before as their hands roamed each other quite familiarly while their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Then they got on the bed and the shorter blond began licking and tonguing the taller one who was soon moaning in great appreciation. She was really giving it to her girlfriend as I sat there slowly stroking, knowing that Jenn had sent me this video for a very good reason and it probably wasn’t so I could get off to it.

They went Avrupalı porno on for a good bit, the tall one having a very strong orgasm then she took the other girl between the legs and gave her everything she could putting her into a rather spectacular orgasm.

Now the focus went back to the party atmosphere outside where girls were asked to show their stuff and most if not all did just that.

Then, there she was….Jennifer, in an outfit I don’t think I’d ever seen before, a skimpy halter top and a denim skirt. She looked so hot as the guy with the microphone asked her name and age and college.

“I’m Jennifer and I’m nineteen and I go to University of Texas in Austin,” she said smiling that irresistible smile of hers.

The fellow asked her if she was having a good time, just making talk then asked if she wanted to go to the bus. She rolled her eyes and the next scene showed her standing indoors, in front of the now-familiar bed, now remade and neat, being asked about her sexual experience and preferences.

I learned that my daughter had a few girl-on-girl experiences and her first sex with a guy when she was fifteen. Hmm. She did like oral sex, she was asked and said, both giving it and receiving it; it was something she loved to do, she added. And that her favorite position is cowgirl.

Then the guy asked her if she’d pull the halter down just a bit and she shot right back with, “Oh, I thought you’d ask me to take it off,” so he said, “Would you?” and off it came.

Well, I hadn’t see Jenn’s breasts since they became breasts, not since they began to bud out from her chest. They were certainly far more than buds now, I’d guess C-cup, nice and large, perfectly round and firm, each one crowned with a pretty, pink, puffy nipple; they were perfect. I could feel a tingling in the head of my cock as I watched her, half-naked, while she talked with the interviewer. I also noted that she had no bikini lines, yes, my little Jenn has grown up, for sure.

“You have perfect breasts, Jennifer, what size are they?” he asked.

“Thirty-six-C,” she answered rather proudly, I thought.

“Jump up and down a bit, let’s see them jiggle,” he asked and she jumped up and down and they hardly bounced at all.

“You’re really firm, can you squeeze them together, play with them a little?”

“I’d rather play with them a lot,” she said saucily as her hands pressed them together forming a deep cavern of cleavage, then she slid her hands under and bounced them up and down a bit then pinched her nipples as he caught it all on video.

“Can we see that bootie of yours?” he asked and she wheeled around and pulled up the skirt and gave a little butt jiggle.

“Oh, really nice. Any chance we might see the front?” and, again, without a single comment, she turned back and lifted the little skirt to show a thong panty that was practically microscopic.

“That’s about the tiniest panties we’ve ever seen, Jennifer. Very nice. Can you ditch the skirt so we can see you in just those?”

She loosened the skirt and let it fall to the floor and stepped out of them, then turned slowly as the camera took her all in.

“Very pretty, Jennifer. You seem to be quite comfortable with your body.”

“Most of the time, yes,” she answered as he asked her to turn and bend over with her legs spread which she did.

The tiny thong really didn’t hide very much, it was imbedded in the groove of her pussy as she turned away and bent over to give a very erotic and arousing view. My stroking speeded up a bit as I looked at my daughter exposing herself so sexily.

“That’s such a tiny thong, do you think we could see you without it?” he asked and she immediately turned back around and pulled it off to stand there as the camera took her body in.

She was perfectly shaved, I suppose like most girls these days, her plump pussy lips cleaved in half so beautifully.

“Can you get up on the bed, Jennifer, maybe away from us on your hands and knees?”

Jenn did just that as he asked, “Can you shake that cute butt a little?” which she immediately did to my great delight. It seemed that I’ve raised a daughter who is completely comfortable in her sexuality and seems to know just how desirable she is.

“Would you drop your head down to the bed for us, Jennifer?” he asked as he did close-ups. “Spread your knees some?”

There it was, a beautiful plump peach of a pussy, sliced down the middle so delicately, held so sweetly between her thighs.

“Would you reach back and touch yourself for us?” he asked as her hand reached back so her fingers could trace up and down her labia, then her thumb and forefinger spread her lips open to the wet pinkness inside. My strokes lengthened as her fingertip parted her pussy as it slid inside to begin moving in and out.

She did this for a minute, then he asked, “Do you think you could show us what you do when you haven’t had sex in a while? How you take care of it?”

“You mean, like masturbate Video porno for the camera?”

He said, ‘yes,’ and she flopped down on her back, spread her legs wide, wet her fingers in her mouth and began rubbing back and forth across her pussy as she looked sexily into the camera.

“Mmm, mmm,” she moaned as she rubbed.

I was stroking faster now, completely turned-on by watching my daughter masturbate in a public video. She was amazing, so beautiful, so sexy, so confident in her looks and sexuality. She knew men wanted her, that was for sure.

“Are you thinking of someone right now?” the interviewer asked.

“Oh, yes,” she answered rather breathlessly.

“Someone you’ve had sex with?”

“Mmm, not yet,” she said with a grin toward the camera.

“But soon, you think?”

“Mmm, yes, soon, I’ve already got my plans made but this helps.”

“It helps, how’s that?”

“Oh, it just does, that’s all.”

She now dipped her cupped hand down between her legs, sliding her two middle fingers inside curving them in and out over and over pressing her palm over her clit as she groaned, “Mmm, good, mmm, feels so good,” as she went on while being filmed.

Her other hand was up rubbing and pinching her nipples which the camera focussed in on before it went back below where her fingers pleasured her on and on as she softly moaned.

She was humping her fingers now, obviously getting close to an orgasm, and a really good one, from the look of it. I couldn’t imagine just how she could shut out the other people in the room for there was at least two guys in the room and maybe more. But, she was deeply into pleasuring herself as the camera, as if it knew, moved up to her face which took on an idyllic, angelic look as she cried out in intense joy while she was so obviously swept away in ecstasy.

She went on for a minute, then the fellow asked her how it was.

“Mmm, wonderful, perfect, I was thinking of just one person as I did it and this was for him,” she said with a sexy grin. Soon, she was getting dressed and the scene went back to the party going on outside.

I backed up the video to right before when Jennifer had her orgasm and began stroking my cock in earnest to time my ejaculation to her orgasm. It was something I did in the next few days as I knew she would be coming home on Friday, four days from when I had received the DVD.

Chapter 2

I heard a thudding up the front porch stairs, then a “Hi, Dad, it’s me, I’m home,” as the door flew open and Jenn came trotting in back to my home office where I was doing some work.

“Oh, look at you, work, work, work. Can’t you ever have any fun?” she said as she ran over and kissed me hello.

“Um, looks like you’re the one having all the fun, Jennifer,” I said in a mock-scolding voice.

“Oh, you watched it. Hope you’re not disappointed in your little girl.”

“Well, I can see that you’re no longer a little girl but a rather grown-up young woman who seems to know just what she wants.”

“That’s true, I do know what I want these days. Wanna help me unload my stuff and get it upstairs?” she asked and we went out and got her things and brought them up to her room.

“I thought we’d have a nice steak and baked potatoes for supper. Also I have a bottle of Cabernet that we can share if you don’t plan on driving anywhere later,” I told her.

“Nope, no plans except to just hang out with my Daddy. Maybe we can watch my performance, whadda you think, Daddy? Bet I surprised you, huh?”

“You did that, Jenn, yes, you did,” I admitted.

“I’ll bet I got another reaction, too. I’m off to shower then I’ve got some emails and stuff to check. What time’s dinner?”

I told her and about six-thirty, I opened the wine and put the steak on to grill; the potatoes were already mostly baked.

When Jenn came into the kitchen, all freshly-showered, she had on a little dress that, on her, was simply stunning. It was light pink chiffon, spaghetti-strapped, with a high waist and a two-tiered, double-layered skirt below that was fringed in white lace as was the bodice. In the center of the bodice was a chiffon flower; it suited her perfectly, sexy and fresh-looking.

We had a nice dinner together chatting about school and what her old high school friends were doing these days, neither of us mentioning the video she’d sent me, we both knew that would come up later, and we just enjoyed being together once again.

We cleaned up our dishes and went into the family room to watch the video.

She got the TV set on and slid the DVD into the player, hit PLAY, and sat down on the sofa next to me.

“You’ve watched it, right, Daddy?” she asked in a rather sexy voice.

“Yes I have and I must say you’re the prettiest girl on the video.”

“You’re not angry with your little girl?”

“You’re an adult, honey, and a rather sexy adult at that.”

“I’m glad you think I’m sexy,” she said while we watched the girls flashing their boobs.

“Oh, there’s Jan, she’s in my Comp Lit class, nice ones, huh, Daddy? I’ll bet you’d like to know her. Maybe I should have her come home with me for a break? You’d like her, I’ll bet.”

“What I see is certainly nice,” I added as I felt my cock lengthen and thicken.

We watched further until we both knew Jenn’s scene was coming up soon.

“You ready, Daddy? Ready to watch it with me?” she asked as she cuddled and snuggled against me.

Then she appeared onscreen and the interviewer began asking her questions about herself. Soon, then, she was removing her top and bra, as she asked me saucily, “You like my boobs, Daddy?”

“Honey, there isn’t a man alive that wouldn’t,” and that’s when she reached up and pulled her dress straps down off her shoulders and pulled the top of her dress down revealing her beautiful, round breasts as the video played on.

“You like them in person, Daddy?”

“Honey, they’re quite beautiful,” I told her as she took my hand furthest from her and led it to her breast as she leaned into me, kissing me, her tongue sliding between my lips as she fucked my mouth with it.

Then, she pulled her head back, took the remote and paused the video to begin kissing me again, this time with her hand firmly rubbing the large bulge in my pants.

Next, she pulled back again, pressing PLAY as the video started up again, now showing her, legs splayed with her fingers stroking in and out of her pussy, wide open for the camera.

She turned to me and, with both hands, moved my zipper down, reached in, took my hard cock and wrestled it out into the fresh air.

“Oh, Daddy, just what I was hoping. Oh, how big is my daddy, huh, like seven, eight inches, nice,” she said squeezing it gently.

“It’s been a long time since it was measured but seven and a half is what I remember,” I gasped as she began moving her small fist up and down as the video went on, nearing the part where she had her orgasm.

“Mmm, let’s watch this, Daddy, watch me cum, your little girl.”

And with that, with her breasts already bared to me, she lifts her skirt, widens her legs and with her right hand begins rubbing her bare pussy lips. Her other hand is slowly stroking me as we watch her masturbate herself to a beautiful orgasm once again.

Then, it was over and the interviewer asked Jenn if it was good.

“Mmm, wonderful, perfect, I was thinking of just one person as I did it and this was for him,” she said on the video.

“You want to know who that person was, Daddy? It was you, my handsome, wonderful Daddy. I did it for you. I did it to seduce my daddy.”

“I thought you were seeing, um, Jeff, was it?”

“Oh, he was so immature. Just like so many guys I meet. But dating him helped me see who I really want. Now can we go to bed so I can properly become your girlfriend?” she asked as she stood, took my hand and pulled me up.

“Jennifer, are you sure you want this? It’s impossible to take it all back after we’ve done it, are you sure?”

She stopped, turned to me, knelt down and slid her lips over my cock sticking out of my pants. She certainly knew how to sway the thoughts of a male as she sucked me so wonderfully with her tongue running around the tip while she pulled and pulled on me with her mouth.

Then, she moved back, looked up at me, grinning sexily, and asked, “Does that answer your question, Daddy? This is something I’ve thought about for a long time. Ever since I was about fifteen or sixteen. So, can we go do what you know we both want to do? Right, Daddy?”

“Right,” I told her as she stood up, took my cock in her hand and led me to my bedroom. She still had that sexy pink dress around her waist which she now slipped down and off as I quickly disrobed.

As soon as I was naked, Jenn came close, put her arms up around my neck and kissed me like I haven’t been kissed in many years, her tongue circling in my mouth, then fucking me in and out with it as she pressed herself against me while my hands roamed her plump, pretty butt pulling us tight.

My cock was all tingly and excited at holding my naked nineteen-year old daughter against me after watching her in an erotic video masturbating. She’d said she wanted me as her lover and I was finding it impossible to deny her, and us, that pleasure.

“I want you to kiss me first, kiss me down here, make love to me with your tongue. I’ve dreamed of this so often,” and she went to my bed, pulled down the covers and lay down, spreading open, patting between her legs, saying, “Right here, Daddy, I’ve dreamed of this, now I want you to do it.”

I got on the bed, down between her thighs, looking up and her, seeing her lovely face framed between her firm, upright breasts, as I dipped down to take my first kiss of my daughter’s pussy.

Her legs lifted up and rested on my shoulders as I began licking up and back with my furled tongue along her slit.

“Oh, Daddy, I knew this would be wonderful, I knew you would be such a good lover, mmm, make your little girl cum, Daddy, make me cum,” she said softly.

Her pussy was so smooth, she must have just shaved it when she took her shower earlier, and, well, it tasted delightful, sweet and fresh.

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