Gargi Ch. 05


I would like to tell my readers that those looking for quick, fast and furious action will probably be better off looking elsewhere but I hope that those who want to read a good story will find this one rewarding.

I hope that my Marathi speaking readers will appreciate conversations that took place in Marathi. These are recorded in italics. For the benefit of others, these are immediately followed by English translations.

Please read Ch. 01-04 for the sake of continuity.

Please do vote and send me your constructive feedback.

Note: All characters are above 18 years of age.


Ch. 01-04 Summary: A young, temporarily grounded air hostess and an even younger (18+) management trainee are neighbours. After a period of (almost) platonic friendship, they start an affair. They explore their sexuality and try stuff they’d only read about till then. She will soon be flying again and they make the most of the time available before she is off to work, visiting Powai Lake on a weekday.

Ch. 05 describes their visit to Juhu and the night they spend together.


It was almost 2 PM when Gargi finally showed up for our lunch date on a Sunday. She had spent half a day pampering herself with a shampoo, facial, manicure and pedicure, in preparation for her fitness test on Monday. Her sleek, well-groomed appearance was well worth the wait. Her hair was worn in a chignon, to show off her slender neck to best advantage. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse outfit. The sleeveless blouse fitted snugly on her full figure. It was tucked into her skirt, highlighting her slim waist. It had a high collar that accentuated her neck and the narrow but deep neckline drew attention to her bosom without actually revealing anything. The shadow of her black lace bra could be seen through the light coloured blouse. The skirt hugged her hips and ended a couple of inches above her knees. Her pink painted toenails peeped out of her open toed sandals with two inch heels. Her waxed, silken smooth arms and legs positively glowed in the afternoon sunlight. Her face had no visible makeup other than a pale lipstick that accentuated her big, mischievous, flashing eyes. She had fully recovered from her low phase and now looked the picture of a healthy, wholesome young Indian woman in the prime of her youth. Her attire was smart and understated. It was not provocative and yet it let her unmistakeable sexuality show through.

“Agdi chhan diste ahes han! Ekdum mast!”

“You are looking so pretty! Wow!” I complimented her.

“H’m!” She blushed.

The restaurant was situated inside a hotel in Juhu. It was fairly crowded and noisy, full of families with children and weekend revellers. We sat close together at a table in a recessed corner, enjoying our lunch and chatting away.

Gargi’s father was an executive in a foreign bank and he used to get transferred every few years. Her early childhood was spent in places like Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beirut etc. Her mother was a conservative woman, very proud of her Marathi language and culture. She ensured that her children spoke Marathi, knew and practiced their religion and celebrated their traditional festivals. Her father on the other hand was very open, liberal and broadminded and encouraged his kids to look at alien cultures and languages with an open mind and treat them with respect. Gargi had been sent off to an all girls’ boarding school in Pachgani when she was around twelve. Her mother didn’t want her to be exposed to the wicked ways of the West at a vulnerable age.

Gargi’s formidable maternal grandmother had been appointed her local guardian. She had ensured that Gargi understood everything about the birds and the bees and the dangers and pitfalls of sex. She had left out entirely the fun part of sex and didn’t tell her how intensely pleasurable and indeed addictive it could be. It was left to Gargi to figure tuzla eve gelen escort these things out herself, by reading romantic novels aimed at young readers and whispered confidences shared with her schoolmates, using her imagination to join the scattered dots together…

Gargi had gone to college in Pune where she had honed her Marathi language skills and expanded her repertoire of traditional recipes under the loving tutelage of her grandmother. It was in Pune that she had allowed a boy a couple of years senior to her to seduce her. Although Gargi was nineteen and the boy was in his twenties, both of them were inexperienced in these matters. The sex was quick, ending almost before it started. But that had been enough to awaken Gargi’s strong natural appetite for sex. Her background and upbringing had not inculcated in her the inhibitions that most Indian girls of her time suffered under and she was thus more willing to explore. A fortuitous choice of career as an airhostess had provided her ample opportunities to indulge and experiment. However, Gargi’s high self-esteem and innate dignity had saved her from some of the wilder excesses that a few of her colleagues had allowed themselves to indulge in, whereby they had been emotionally damaged and lost the respect of their partners and colleagues.

Nobody paid any attention to us as we sat talking and discreetly playing footsie.

“Agdi chikni ahes han!!”

“You’re so smooth!” I ran a toe over her waxed calf.

“Tujhe haat suddha! Agdi lonyasarkhe!”

“Your arms too! Smooth like butter!” My finger lightly brushed her slender upper arm, eliciting a little shiver.

“Shoo! Lok baghtahet!”

“Shoo! People are watching!” She brushed my finger off and moved away a little, pretending to look offended. Yet, she was not above copping a quick feel of my crotch under the table, when nobody was watching.

“Nagoba zoplele distahet!”

“The Cobra seems to be asleep!” She whispered slyly.

“Uthwu nakos! Bhar restaurantmadhye dasel tula!”

“Don’t wake him! He might bite you right here in the restaurant!”

She giggled as she imagined my naked cock erect and throbbing in the middle of the restaurant.

“Atta zop han bala! Nantar tula uthyachech ahe, kaamasathi!”

“Sleep now, baby! You’ll have to wake up and get to work soon!” She quickly patted my crotch. That was enough to stir the sleeping cobra.

“Amchi Chiutai kashi ahe?”

“How is our Little Sparrow?” I enquired solicitously.

“Bari ahe!”

“She’s OK!”

“Bhijleli ahe ka?”

“Is she wet?”

“Itkya wel navti. Pan atta tuch oli kelis tila!”

“She wasn’t, till now. But now you’ve made her wet!” She whispered.

The sun was by now low on the horizon and light was fading quickly.

“Chal, phiru ya zara!”

“Let’s take a walk!” I suggested.

We were soon strolling barefoot on the soft sand of Juhu beach, arm in arm. Just naturally, we brushed against each other every once in a while. Her soft bosom would touch my upper arm, sometimes fleetingly and other times quite deliberately, slowly raising our arousal level. The beach was too crowded and the twilight was too bright for us to do anything more. But the crowd also provided a level of anonymity, allowing us to lose ourselves in it. We gorged ourselves on bhel-puri (savoury snacks) and other chaat (tongue ticklers) that Juhu beach is well known for, topping them off with ice cream.

“Chala ghari jau ya! Udya sakali uthun testsathi tayar whayache ahe.”

“Let’s go home. I’ve to get ready for the test in the morning.” Gargi said.

We walked back to the hotel. But instead of going to the parking lot where her car was parked, I steered her towards the elevators. There was a surprise in store for her.

“Hey kaay? Kuthe neto ahes mala?”

“What’s this? Where are you taking me?”

“Tu baghshilach tuzla otele gelen escort ataa!”

“You’ll see!” I pushed her into an elevator. As soon as the doors shut, we were in each other’s arms, kissing and groping. There was nobody else in the elevator. In no time at all, we had shut the door of the hotel room behind us. I had booked it in advance, so that I could give her a surprise good-luck fuck before her fitness test the next day. We ripped clothes off of each other’s bodies and she jumped on me, her legs wrapped around my hips and arms hugging my neck while our mouths rubbed and kissed.

“Jara sambhalun! Chatte uthwu nakos please!”

“Careful! No hickeys please!” She whispered as I started kissing, nipping and sucking on the expanse of her bare skin. She didn’t want any fresh hickeys for the doctor to see. There still were a few almost faded, yellowish hickeys adorning her flawless skin, testifying to the vigour of our past lovemaking.

Although we had been fucking for the past several weeks, this was the first time we had a big, strong double bed to do it on. We made full use of the comfort it provided. We also did not need to be mindful about the sounds of our lovemaking being overheard by nosy neighbours.

After a quick bout of vigorous, hard sex had taken the edge off of our hunger, we lay resting, our hands wandering over each other’s bodies, letting our heartbeats and breathing to slow down to normal.

“Mala aadhi ghari matra gelech pahije. Thet ithun test sathi nahi jau shaknar.”

“I have to go home first. I cannot go for my test straight from here.”

“Kalji karu nakos. Tu mhanshil teva ghari pochwin.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take you home whenever you wish.”

“Ha bagh! Tujhya angawar ek til disla!”

“Look! I found a mole on your body!” I exclaimed. A small birthmark lay hidden under the lower curve of her left breast.

“Kharech ki! Mi pan wisrunach gele hote!”

“Yes, really! I had forgotten all about it!”

“Ho na! Tuze mau yewdhe mothe zalet ki tilala zaktat tujhya dolyanpasun!”

“Yeah! Your tits have grown so big, they hide the mole from your eyes!”

“Majhya maunbaddal wite site bolayache nahi han! Nahitar tula dakhawnar nahi yapudhe!”

“Don’t badmouth my boobs! Or else I’ll stop showing them to you!” She tossed her head in mock anger.

“Thik ahe, thik ahe, sorry! Ata tu majhya chhatiwarcha til shodhun kadh!”

“OK, OK, sorry! Now you try to find a mole on my chest!”

“Hah! Tyat kaay ahe mothe se!”

“Hah! That’s no big deal!”

It was easier said than done. My chest was covered with a thick growth of curly, coarse hair. She spent long minutes combing through them.

“Ha bagh! Sapadla!”

“Look! I found it!” She exclaimed joyfully, leaning into my chest and kissing the mole. She rubbed her face on my chest, enjoying the ticklish feel of my chest hair. All this action breathed new life into my spent cock, to Gargi’s delight. She concentrated her attention on my cock, stroking it with feather light touches of her fingers.

“Ghe tondat!”

“Take it in your mouth!” I whispered.

I lay passively on my back with legs spread wide apart and enjoyed the amazing sensations Gargi’s hot little mouth was producing, licking, sucking and nibbling my crown. She wanted to go further and made several determined but futile efforts to take my cock in past her gullet. But it was just too thick. So she contented herself by rubbing my cock all over her face and then licking my entire crotch, including my testicles. After having satisfied herself thus, she straddled my hips and impaled herself on my hard, thick pole, facing me. Her well lubricated pussy had no problem sliding over my cock. She then leaned forward and kissed me, her breasts resting on my chest. She started rocking back and forth, driving my cock in and out of her stretched tuzla sınırsız escort cunt and her breasts rubbing against my chest hair.

“Hnhh… hnhh… hnhh…” She grunted under her breath, her eyes shut tight as she concentrated her attention on the friction between cock and cunt. Her face glowed and rivulets of sweat ran down her body. She stopped after a while and sat up, a tired smile lighting up her face. On a whim, I landed a slap on her heaving breasts.

“Oww!” She reacted to this unexpected assault. It was not a hard slap, but then I sometimes tend to underestimate my own strength. It must have stung, landing on her wet skin. She took a while to process this new sensation.

“Parat ekda!”

“Do it again!”

“Aahh!” Her breasts wobbled and her cunt contracted around my shaft as I landed a couple of juicy slaps in quick succession.

“Ajun ekda!”

“Once more!” She begged.

“Nako! Wal uthtil.”

“No! There might be marks!”

I sat up and pushed her down on her back. I mounted her and quickly unleashed a series of hard thrusts that pushed her over to a climax. Her hot, wet, slippery body wriggling and writhing underneath me, her slick cunt spasming around my cock and her fragrant, heated breath washing over my face drove me to my climax too, and I just collapsed on top of her.

“Khup bhook lagliye!”

“I’m very hungry!” I announced as we woke up after a short, sweet slumber.

“Mala pan!”

“Me too!”

We gorged ourselves on grilled chicken sandwiches washed down with sweet lassi (yoghurt drink) that we ordered from room service.

“Ata nighu ya ka?”

“Shall we leave now?”

“Ghai kaay ahe? Ajun phakta ratriche bara wajlet. Nighu ya saawkash!”

“What’s the rush? It’s just midnight. We’ll leave in a while.” I soothed her.

“H’m!” She snuggled up, her head on my shoulder. I covered ourselves up with a sheet and we both fell asleep. It was perhaps two o’clock in the morning when I woke up. Gargi was fast asleep on her back, her hands folded above her head. The dark halo of her loosened hair surrounded her face. She wore the contented, innocent expression of a young girl on her unlined face. I spent long minutes drinking in her beauty. I would have let her sleep on, but my attention was distracted by her smooth shaven armpits. My cock stirred as I inhaled a lungful of her fragrant scent, untainted by the synthetic smell of deodorant. I didn’t want to disturb her sleep but my cock had different ideas. My hand crept under the sheet and rested lightly on her soft belly.

“Unh!” She stirred as my hand lightly caressed her belly, then slept again. The rhythm of her breathing changed subtly as I continued to caress her belly in light, slow, circular movements until suddenly, her eyes opened and she saw me looming over her. She held my face in her hands and kissed me deep, her tongue darting into my mouth. My hand crept down from her belly into her slit and found her hot, wet and ready! I had done nothing other than caress her belly while she was fast asleep, but that had been sufficient to fully arouse her.

Soon I was on top of her, my cock buried deep inside her pussy. We made slow, leisurely, lazy love, stretching out every moment of our intimacy, stopping every now and again to kiss each other and to enjoy the feel of her plump breasts and stiff nipples in my hands. I could feel little shivers course through her as she experienced many little climaxes, her pussy fluttering around my shaft as I continued to slowly fuck her until I too crested the hill and fell off the cliff in a giant climax.

While we were at the checkout counter, a group of Singapore based crew members from Gargi’s airline walked into the hotel. She knew several of the girls and they exchanged smiles and greetings. Gargi made it a point to link her arm with mine and lean against me as they chatted. She wanted to show off her arm candy. She needn’t have bothered. Our facial expressions and body language spoke loud and clear what we’d been up to…

It was around four o’clock in the morning when we returned home. There was not a soul in sight when I parked the car. We exchanged a long, intimate goodbye and good luck kiss in the car and then got out reluctantly…


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