Hayley and Raphael


It had been a while since she’d last saw Raphael and she couldn’t help but smile to herself throughout the day as she got on with her usual routine. She’d spent the last few hours in her home office answering emails in a blissful haze as the thought of him coming home made her mind drift almost constantly. They had been married only two years but together for 12 years. Both meeting when they were 16 on a family holiday to Cancun Mexico.

Hayley was the one on vacation but Raphael lived there with his parents. He had saw her out on the beach, her long natural blonde hair was waving about in the sea breeze and she was so pale that she seemed to glow like some kind of angel in the sun. He couldn’t stop staring at her that whole day but what he didn’t know was that he’d caught her eye too. It was later that night, at a local bar that she’d seen him again. He worked there at the weekends collecting glasses for some extra money and he’d slipped her a hand written note on a napkin to meet him at the beach at midnight. It became a nightly thing for the next two weeks until she had to fly home.

The night before she left they had exchanged addresses and phone numbers. They spent the next two years writing to each other and speaking on the phone. Hayley had to work extra hours just to pay for the long distance phone calls but it was all totally worth it. Two years later, when Raphael turned 18 he flew over to the UK to visit Hayley. He’d been saving up his money for the flight for months. It was the first night, in a small bed and breakfast that Hayley lost her virginity to Raphael and he’d never admitted it until a couple years after but he’d lost his to her, too.

The distance never was an issue for them because the love they shared was something they would risk everything for. Which was why when they both turned 21 they decided they would move in together. Raphael was so taken with small town Hayley lived in that he’d wanted to move overseas. Hayley was so taken with him that it made her love him even more, she didn’t want to be too far away from her family but if he’d wanted to stay in Mexico she’d have moved out there in a heartbeat. They flew out to visit his parents as often as they could but sometimes Raphael would go out to spend a few weeks to see them on his own.

After a soak in the bath, Hayley was sat in their living room on the plush grey suede couch, mindlessly flicking through channels trying to find something to watch. As usual her husband’s flight was delayed a few hours so the curls she’d put in her hair were starting to fall and the dark red lipstick she’d put on had almost worn off. Her eyes started to feel heavy and although she tried her hardest to stay awake by 10pm she’d completely fell asleep on the couch.

Raphael cursed to himself as he struggled with his bags and the bottle of priceless champagne as he tried to close the taxi door outside of his house. So happy to be home and see Hayley, the frustration of the 5 hour flight delay had subsided as he knew the woman he’d given his heart to all those years ago was behind that white wooden door. He’d always loved going to see his family but he also preferred it when Hayley went with him although she couldn’t get the time off work with it being their busiest time of the year. It had given him a chance to catch up with his old friends and have some man time with them, which was basically just hanging out and drinking. As he let himself into the house the first thing he noticed was the smell and it made him smile, Hayley had been obsessed with vanilla since he’d known her so it was only right that their house carried that scent. Whenever he smelt vanilla it always made him think of her. Next he could hear the television in the background. He placed his bags down on the floor in the hallway by the stairs and walked into the living room, champagne at the ready to drink with the love of his life. As he opened the door he noticed her sleeping on the sofa and couldn’t help but smile. She was wearing a black silk night dress that even if it wasn’t riding up in her sleep it still would have left little to the imagination. He’d never seen it before and the thought that she’d picked it out just for his return touched his heart. She always did that whenever he went away without her and then came escort kartal home to find her wearing some kind of sexy outfit just for him. Although this was the first time his flight had been so delayed that she’d fallen asleep.

Walking over to her sleeping form he knelt down to get a look at her and smiled as he tucked a lock of golden curls behind her ear and then placed a soft kiss on her cheek. She moaned a little and her eye’s flickered open.

“Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” He found himself whispering, that accent of his making her stomach do flips just like it always had done.

“I’m glad you did.” She smiled up at him. He also loved her thick British accent. Her light blue eyes, creamy skin and golden hair. He’d found her breathtaking the first time they met and hadn’t thought any differently in the past 12 years. “Did you just get back?”

“I did.” He nodded his head, bending his face down to press his lips against hers. She couldn’t help but moan as his tongue snaked its way into her mouth to massage against hers. She’d always loved how he kissed, so slow and sensual. She’d always become so wet from just kissing him. “Fuck, I’ve missed you so much, mi amor.”

Climbing on top of her, Raphael continued his kisses as he nestled himself between her legs. Grinding his pelvis against her as his cock became so hard it was almost painful. He was glad he’d decided to wear his grey sweat pants to fly back in because he just knew jeans would have been far too uncomfortable, for the flight and for this. Hayley gasped out into his mouth as his erection ground against her already wet and aching pussy, the friction was so delicious that she lifted up her hips to grind herself on him, desperate for a release. She wanted him inside her so badly, but he had other idea’s.

“It’s been three weeks.” His voice becoming husky as he pulled away from her lips to nibble on her collar bone. “I don’t want to rush this, baby.”

Hayley wanted to protest but as soon as she felt the warmth of his hand through the fabric of the lacy panties she was wearing the words were lost in her brain. His hand began to slowly rub the entirety of her snatch through her underwear and it made her head spin. Lifting himself up, Raphael grabbed the drenched thong and pulled it from her body, ripping the fabric from her making her gasp and then giggle at his playful but lusty expression. He always had this playful fire to him that drove her crazy. He’d gotten into so many fights protecting her and those that he loved. Though she always worried about him getting into trouble it still warmed her heart to know that he cared about her so much. Plus now most people knew not to mess with him and mostly her.

Lifting her right leg he ran his hand over the soft skin, placing kisses all over her shin and calf muscle before setting his sights on her thighs lightly biting his way upward to her hips and around the place she wanted him most but he didn’t touch her there. He kissed and licked at her inner thighs, so close to her dripping centre but then kept moving away. She knew he wanted her to beg for it. Sitting up slightly, she pulled at his white v neck t shirt and pulled it up over his head. His light caramel skin was a few shades darker from being in Mexico for a few weeks and his body looked amazing. He worked out a lot and even when he was away he kept to his strict routine, mostly because it took his mind away from missing her so much.

With a wicked grin on his lips and a mischievous sparkle in his deep brown eyes, Raphael pushed Hayley back down on the couch and continued his teasing assault on her soft inner thighs. Suddenly, before all the teasing became too much and she was about to beg him to do something she felt his tongue lightly flick at the small bundle of nerves and it sent her head flying back against the pillows, her hands clutching at the fabric of the couch. His tongue didn’t relent and continued to lick away at her clitoris as if he was devouring an ice cream cone. Each flick of his tongue sent shocks of pleasure all over her body, from her clit to her stomach, through her nipples and even in her fingertips as her toes curled into the couch. He’d always enjoyed going down on her. It was one of the first things they did together before uğur mumcu escort even ever having sex, he just loved the way she tasted and the sounds she made as she came apart under his tongue.

“That feels so good.” She whimpered out, lifting her head to meet his eyes and they looked almost black as they held her gaze. She couldn’t look away as he sucked that swollen nub into his mouth. “Oh fuck!” His cock twitched as her expression changed, her brow furrowing and her mouth hanging slightly open. Her legs shaking uncontrollably and her hips bucking so violently into his face that he had to hold her down as he inserted two fingers inside her, pumping in and out as he increased the suction. He felt her walls contract around his fingers as she came, his name on her lips as she squeezed her 34C breasts through the silky fabric.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for three weeks.” He grinned at her as he slowly crawled his way back up her breathless shaking body to press a light kiss on her lips. They were wet with her juices and that only seemed to turn her on even more, regardless of the mind blowing orgasm he’d just given her. She wanted his cock deep inside her.

“You never fail to get me so horny,” She bit her lower lip as his face nuzzled her neck, his pelvis was back to grinding against her now bare and overly sensitive cunt. She reached down and tried to pull down his sweat pants but failed because of the position they were laying in. He stood up and picked her up effortlessly off the couch, her legs wrapping around his waist and carried her to their bedroom. Other than missing her so much he’d also missed their extremely comfortable bed.

As he placed her down on the bed, Raphael took no time in ridding himself of the rest of his clothes, his eye’s locked on Hayley’s as she pulled the chemise over her head, leaving her just as naked as he was. Sitting down opposite her, he pulled her into his lap and let out a deep breath as she lowered herself onto him. She was so wet and warm, the tightness was always something that drove him crazy. He fit inside her so perfectly that they were both convinced they were made for one another. His hands dug into her peachy ass cheeks as she lifted her self on him slowly to drop down again, her tongue diving deep into his mouth making him suck on it lightly as she bounced teasingly slowly on his dick. Moving his hands off her ass he pulled away slightly to look at those amazing tits he’d always had a weakness for. Back when they had first met, after a couple days she’d let him touch her boobs under her bra and he almost blew his load in his pants. He’d been so hard, trying to ride back to his house on his pushbike was almost impossible.

His fingers tugged at her nipples, making her moan slightly and quicken the pace that she was riding him. He was finding it harder and harder to keep his control, he wanted her to take charge when she first impaled herself on him but now all he wanted to do was flip her over and fuck her little cunt until it hurt her to have him inside. He also wanted to fuck her ass too but that was something they didn’t do often, but damn he loved being in that tiny little hole. His hands went to her back, lightly rubbing his finger tips along the skin making her back arch and her perky tits thrust into his face. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, flicking his tongue around the hardened nub and his other hand slid down to her ass. His finger lightly pressed against that little puckered hole and slowly pressed on it. She’d either gasp and moan or flinch away and thankfully it was the prior. Luckily she’d came so hard earlier, her juices had flowed back and lubed her up enough that it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable as he slowly fingered her ass.

“Baby,” He breathed into her ear. “It’s been so long, I want to come in that tight little ass of yours.” She pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes with a smile. She lifted herself up off him and then moved to kneel in front of him on all fours, her ass and pussy on full display to him. He literally growled and grabbed at those ass cheeks, baring her puckered ass hole and without warning dove his tongue into it. Her moaning was musical to him and he pulled away and spat on the hole before tongue fucking it again. çavuşoğlu escort

He loved it when she was like this. Sure, their sex life was pretty fantastic and they were basically newly weds but sometimes she let him do anything to her and it turned him on so much. She’d always been so shy about her body and sexual things but the more time she’d spent with him the more she opened up and now, twelve years down the line it was very rare that they were fully clothed whenever it was just the two of them. She loved to buy new sexy lingerie for him and it drove him crazy. He’d come home from the gym and she’d be waiting, be it on the bed or on the couch or even the kitchen counter. There wasn’t a surface in the house he hadn’t fucked her on.

Hayley’s hands grabbed at the comforter as she felt the head of Raphael’s 9 inch cock against her ass hole. She willed herself to relax as she felt the appendage push itself into her body slowly. His strong arm reached around to seek out her clit and rub in circles as his pelvis met her ass, his cock buried fully inside her. Starting off slowly he pumped himself into her, his fingers rubbing her clit in time with his cock and before long Hayley was pushing her ass back against him.

“You’ll have to take over, baby doll.” He grunted and her hand replaced his, rubbing at her cunt as his hands held onto her hips. Looking down at those ass cheeks jiggling with each thrust he gripped the cheeks as hard as he could and then slapped them each in turn making her cry out. He grinned to himself, spanking her ass again and she exploded once again, her body collapsing on the bed. He held her hips up to him as he started to really pound her into ass, that familiar feeling deep in his balls as he groaned out her name came deep inside of her ass.

Laying down next to his wife, he pulled her into his arms as she turned to face him with a sleepy smile that he couldn’t help but return. His heart swam in his chest as he peppered kisses all over her face, the sound of her soft giggle making him smile even bigger.

“Come with me,” He ignored her protests as he lifted her up bridal style and made his way to the bathroom, turning on the water in the huge shower.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” Hayley wrapped her arms around him as the water covered them from above their heads. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, mi amor.” His cock twitched back to life as Hayley looked at him. He knew exactly what his talking Spanish did to her.

She knelt down in the shower and took his rapidly hardening cock in her hand and rubbed it slowly, her tongue darting out to swirl around the tip as his hands reached out to press against the tiled wall for support. He closed his eyes as he felt her hot mouth envelope him and bob up and down, deep throating him a couple times before her she pulled her mouth away to take his balls into her mouth gently. His other hand went into her golden hair, now wet from the water as she devoured his balls momentarily before going back to his cock. He let her take complete control of the blow job as she went deep throating to licking and lightly sucking. She’d always been amazing at giving head and it always seemed as though she was getting better and better with each time.

Pulling her up and into his arms, as her legs wrapped around him and he slammed her against the wall he shoved his cock into her pussy. Thrusting into her hard and fast. Her fingernails digging into his forearms. She wanted to move against him but she was pinned and couldn’t do anything other than take the vicious pounding he was subjecting her to. She mewled as his thrusting didn’t relent and suddenly with a slight growl he began to really fuck her hard, making her little sounds turn into cries and before long she was coming all over his cock.

“I love you, Hayley.” He groaned out as he emptied himself deep into her snatch and slowly let her down.

After cleaning up and having a little snack, because they always got so hungry after sex they found themselves laying under the sheets in their bed, facing each other. With all of the excitement of him coming back and then doing what they usually do she hadn’t even thought about what she knew she had to tell him.

“Raph, babe I need to tell you something.” She breathed out and his happy expression became concerned as he noticed she looked slightly upset.

“What is it?” He pulled away as she sat up in the bed and rummaged through her bedside drawer, bringing out a little white stick.

“I’m pregnant.”

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