Pussy’Tales: In the Library Ch. 01


This is the first in a series of stories based on experiences that My sub slut, ‘pussy’, has shared with Me. They are dedicated to her sweet, trusting spirit which lights up my life, and her nasty, masochistic nature!

Feel free to email me with your comments, and encouragement! ~

I love to use dildo’s & butt plugs on willing victims who enjoy such things. My sub, pussy, loves to be cuffed down to the bed, masked, ballgagged, and then teased with all variety of toys.

I remember one time that pussy asked ahead of time for some special anal attention. When I came back after work the next night, I brought a new Expanding Anal Plug with me!

I cuffed pussy, and put my sleep mask on her. She knew that I had something special planned for her! I then led her in. and lay her back on the double bed in the Library, clipped her cuffs to the bed chains, and placed a pillow under her hips. I then held her cuffed ankles straight up, forcing her legs into the air. My pussy, being a good girl, didn’t resist, or protest. she couldn’t, with the ballgag that I had stuffed into her mouth, to her mewls of satisfaction.

With her legs held high in the air, and her feet hovering way above her chest, I pinched and pulled her coral pink nipples until they stood stiff and straining, then clipped them, draping the connecting chain behind her legs. With every small motion, the alligator clips, tugged by the chains, pulled at her nipples, sending quivers through her chest, constantly multiplying the stimulation to her nipples. Her breathing quickened, causing little puffing sounds to emit from her nostrils. A thin line of saliva ran from the left corner of her mouth, escaping from the seal the ball gag provided her lips. The mewling noises went up an octave!

With her feet so high in the air, her cunt and asshole were exposed to my tender mercies, her naked labia swollen, her pussy drooling, moist with the juices ümraniye escort of her mounting arousal, the fruit of her submission, pungent to my nose in the cool air of the library. mingling with the musty odor of old books, and the quiet strains of Chopin’s piano masterpieces.

Leaning down, I slipped my right forefinger between the folds of her dripping slit, scooping the slippery juices across her clitoris, bringing forth a shuddering, deep intake of breath, expelled forcefully with almost a wail from deep in her breast. As My finger slid upward to the top of her slit, leaving her clit behind, she thrust her hips hard into the air, seeking the sensation provided by the finger hovering on her vulva, eluding the thrusts intended to bring it to her clit.

With each thrust, the chain tying her nipples together swung, bringing equally agonizing sensation to her trapped nipples, the slopes of her breasts flushing pink with a rush of blood, hot and pounding, her breasts bobbing visibly in time with her pulse, pussy’s head slowly nodding forward, rhythmically, in time with her thrusting hips. Her juices, now freely flowing from her passion pit, slid slowly down her perineum, pooling in the puckered rosebud of her asshole, pulsing with each sensation seeking hip-thrust, vainly begging, pleading for My forefinger on her rock hard clit, each thrust bringing her pubis higher into the air.

Suddenly, I grasp pussy’s lust bud between forefinger & thumb, and begin to jerk it rhythmically with each muffled cry from deep in her throat, spittle streaming from the sides of her mouth, running down her throat, soaking into the towel beneath her head.

Beneath her mask, I know that her eyes are turning back into her head, deprived of the need to see, made obsolete by the concentrated sensation flooding her cerebral cortex, multiplied by the turning within of her vision, by the white hot flashes behind her pendik escort eyes!

Silently, I grasp the Expanding Butt Plug with my left hand, testing the surface with my left forefinger, assuring myself that I’ve applied sufficient lubrication to ensure a smooth entry into her pulsing butt hole. It seems a bit large for initial insertion, but I decide to see what her reaction to it’s introduction to her sphincter is, and as I pinch her clit and pull it up and out, toward me, she feels it nudge her rosebud, and, with a whooshing breath outward, thrusts her sphincter full onto it!

I wait for her next breath, as she shudders with the shear suddenness of the anal intrusion, the 1.5″ girth of the plug like the intrusion of 2 fingers, nearly causing her to lose control, nearly driving her over the cliff of sensation, only her dedication to her Masters orders holding back her orgasm.

Crouching on the bed between her legs, I release the base of the plug, and grasp the bulb that will inflate it, easing My fingers on her clit. Then, as her hips begin to drop back toward the bed, I quickly pump the bulb twice, “shoosh,shoosh”, inflating the plug suddenly, precipitously, bringing forth a massive upward thrust of pussy’s hips, and an earsplitting squeal through her nose as my right palm slaps wetly down onto her near bursting clit! I quickly reach forward, and release and jerk away the ball gag from her wide open mouth, pussy being so caught up in sensation that her jaws are locked open, wide. she coughs twice, swallowing wetly, clearing her throat, and begins to expel near deafening “AAAAHHSS” with each stroke of my palm on her clit, the sound climbing in timbre with each breath.

Again her hips begin to relax, as I drop the gag to the floor, and with a growing sense of urgency, grasp the bulb and give it 2 more lightning strokes. her hips thrust to their maximum upward extension, and pussy begins to bostancı escort scream, the veins on her neck standing out like a thoroughbred running at Belmont. I drop the bulb, and, still spanking her clit with my right hand, reach up and scoop her juices onto My ringed cock, making it’s 9″ length gleam in the track lighting, and with a final slap, thrust her hips down to the bed, grinding her clit beneath my hand..

As the chain pulls the nipple clamps, extending her breasts like twin white chocolate kisses toward me, I thrust My straining ramrod into her cunt, grasping her hips and pulling her back onto Me full with one stroke. Feeling My cock bottom out, her breath leaves her body, chin thrusting to the ceiling, mouth straining in a silent scream, the back of her head pushing her shoulders off the bed.

As I draw My cock back, I grasp her mask, and slide it upward, exposing the whites of her eyes, sightless, straining, tears streaming involuntarily downward, dripping off her ears onto the towel shielding her head from the wall.

With a savage thrust, I again plunge Myself into her very core, and, not waiting for her breath, grasp the sweat slick clips and pull them from her nipples!

With an ultimate intake of breath as I withdraw from her clenching vagina, she screams inwardly, and as pussy pauses, beyond seeing, I whisper gutturally, “CUM, slut!”, and plunge into her for the final time, staring into her sightless eyes, as she screams deafeningly, her thighs clenching my hips as her cunt strains against my rod, her G-spot gushing…pussy CUMS!!!

I ride atop her quivering, pulsing, thrusting body, straining to stay within her heartwood with My hardwood, feeling her peaks and waves, deafened by her screams. Her timbre reaches it’s crescendo, and suddenly, explosively, My cock is expelled from her rock walled cunt, and she faints! The tension, suddenly releasing from her body, falls away, and she begins to breathe again.


Moments later, her eyes roll back down, and, soon, weakly open. As I lay, resting atop her, she whispers hoarsely, “Never again…” In reply, I simply chuckle in her ear.

To be continued in Part 2…

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