Teaching My Wife’s Ass

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We’ve been talking about this for several weeks now. You were very cute in the beginning. You were so nervous and didn’t want to admit it to me. Finally you come clean. You want to have sex with another man. I was more then a little shocked. Shock quickly turned into excitement. Our emails for the last few weeks have talked about how, when, and with who. I have done research and even contacted several guys. They all want to fuck you.

I have just gotten down there for Christmas. We both have agreed that it won’t take place on this trip. We will have to plan it when I move down there. We do however have to take some pictures of you. You knew this was coming. I don’t think you are ready for the picture shoot but you know it has to be done. We take several lingerie outfits with us to Charlotte and decide to take the pictures there.

We get to the hotel and decide to get the photos done early. It is obvious you are very nervous and not really looking forwards to this. You do not like your body and are confident that no one else will either. I try to allay your fears as I send you into the bathroom to put on your first outfit. I tell you to put on the robe first. We will start light and work our way up.

You emerge from the bathroom wearing a black silk robe. The robe is tied tight at your waist and barely covers your pussy. I tell you to take off your panties and I adjust the top of the robe to show a little cleavage. I have you go through several poses. You are sitting on the hot tub edge, standing by the bed and my personal favorite, you are laying on your stomach on the bed facing the camera. You have your feet crossed and bent up behind you. Your arms are under your chin and you give me a scared playful grin. With you sitting this way the robe rides up just a little giving me the picture just a hint of your cheeks. It is a very hot picture.

Next you go in and put on a red baby doll nightie. The nightie reveals a lot of cleavage with a pretty little bow on front. It is very cute and looks fabulous on you. My dick is starting to get hard just watching this. Once again we take several pictures. I tell you the entire time how hot you look and how beautiful you are. I position your hands and tilt you head, move the material this way and that way. I can tell you are starting to get into this a little. You are trying to be more seductive for the camera. As we get you into a different position, we share light little brushes that send electricity through us both.

You then put on a sexy little chemise. The chemise is red and black and made of satin and lace. The hem has ruffles all around it and little black bows all along the back. When you walk out, my eyes hit the floor. My dick immediately springs fully to erect. Your breasts appear like they are about to spring out of your top. Your ass, I can’t say enough about your sweet little ass. You cute ass cheeks peak out from under the outfit as the ruffle lays on them in a half hearted attempt to conceal what is underneath. You are now really getting into this. If I didn’t know better I would say that you were getting aroused.

Your final outfit is the cutest of the bunch. escort You are now wearing a red Christmas teddy that immediately sends my heart racing. You are one present I want to open immediately. The outfit is trimmed with white feathers and a black belt along the waist. A bow is placed directly between your cleavage and has a little rhinestone drop coming off it. The front does a good job of concealing your body. When you turn around I see the true magic of the outfit. It is cut high so that almost your full ass is exposed. I almost don’t take pictures as my desire to ripe your clothes off is so great. However, we continue and finish taking these pictures.

Now it is the time I feel you’ll dread the most. Nude pictures. I tell you to get ready and before I know it you are naked. You waste no time taking off your outfit. I have you laying on the bed and standing by the fireplace. I don’t ask you to do anything provocative, just photos. As I am moving your leg into a new position I can see that you are extremely wet. You have been enjoying this some. Your hand reaches up to me and begins to rub my dick through my jeans. You waste no time opening my jeans and freeing my prick. You begin stroking it and look at me with a mischievous grin. As you take me in your mouth I realize I still have the camera in my hand, and I take a couple more pictures. It is incredible watching you. Your mouth strokes up and down me. You take me deep in your mouth, deeper then I think you ever have. You grab my ass cheeks and pull me even deeper into you. After only a couple of minutes I am ready to explode. Sensing this you stop your oral administering and move to the edge of the bed.

I kiss you and move down your body. This moment is hot. I pull you to the very edge of the bed and lay you back. Kneeling between your legs you spread and reveal yourself to me. I can see your juices flowing. You are obviously ready for what is about to happen. Gently I take your legs and move them over my shoulders. Now nothing is between me and your sex. I lean in and lightly blow along your clit. My tongue slowly travels the length of your lips but only slightly contacts them. This drives you crazy. I continue this teasing for a little while. Then moving along your lips I allow my tongue to penetrate you. Now I am licking you along your entire pussy. You are so wet, I can taste your juices on my tongue. Every time I get near I give your clit a small lick. Your scent is intoxicating. My tongue, now held firm, is thrust into your pussy like a mini dick. You jerk a little and a moan escapes your lips. I lightly lick and play with your clit. You are now moaning a lot. I bring you to the brink of orgasm and move down again. I am not ready for you to have your first release. I do this several times more. I get your ready and then bring you back down.

I feel your orgasm approaching again. Right as I sense you are about to release I quickly lick down your slit again. This time I don’t stop at your soaking pussy. I continue and my tongue finds your puckered little hole. Very rapidly I move my tongue around you. It takes only a few seconds and you are now on the verge of an anal escort bayan orgasm. I know that we need to work on this to get you ready for that night. So I continue my attack on your little bud until you explode. Your orgasm is beyond any words. You can barely talk. I continue my assault for several minutes as you continue to have one long orgasm. I then move back up to your clit. You stop me.

You need me! You are ready for me now! You pull me on top of you and spread your legs wide. With my cock in my hand I rub up and down your slit paying special attention to your clit. Then I finally give you what I can tell you want. I slowly insert into you. Inch by glorious inch, the feeling is incredible. Your pussy immediately grabs hold and envelopes me. You are now moaning and your hands are rubbing along my shoulders. I have now completely entered you. This is a very sexy moment. I don’t want to rush this. I very slowly pull my hips back. You can feel every inch moving inside you. I pull completely out of you. I then slide back in. Your pussy lips have never been more sensitive. I slide in easily and begin to make slow love to you. I am kissing your neck and telling you how good you feel. I love you and the moment connects us more and more.

After a few minutes of this I can feel my orgasm approaching. I begin to pick up the tempo. I start to move in and out of you faster and faster. I can hear your moaning and breaths as you enjoy the new speed. You move your legs around my waist to allow me a deeper penetration. I begin crashing into you in a fury. I am now thrusting hard. I know that you like it hard and fast. As I slam into you your body begins to buck and shake. I know any second now. I am trying my best to hold off my own orgasm until you have finished. You begin to climax. Your body is thrashing and you are screaming and moaning. I begin to thrust as hard as I can, trying to send you over the edge even more. Then as your orgasm begins to subside I cum. I thrust deep and fill you up. I can’t get enough of this feeling.

As we lay there in the aftermath you come over and snuggle up to me. You ask me in that shy voice of yours if I wanted to try anal sex. This has never been something you like. Nevertheless you know if you are going to have sex with two guys that this will probably come up. I am instantly hard again. The thought of having anal sex with you while you are awake is incredibly hot. I spin you onto your stomach and tell you to just relax. Easier said then done though I’m sure. I then go to the bag and produce lubricant and a small vibrator. I put a small amount of lube on my finger and begin rubbing it along your backside. Starting with very light pressure, my finger moves in little circles around your hole. Slowly I push and can feel your resistance. I pull back slightly and let you relax. Then begin again. This time my finger slides into your back door with little problem. You lay there and allow it but I can tell this isn’t your favorite thing. I work my finger around your sweet butt. In and out I move it. As you begin to relax a little I work a second finger into you. While I move my fingers in and out, I pull them apart bayan escort in an attempt to widen your opening a little more. You are adamant not to let out any signs of pleasure.

After a few minutes you have really relaxed. I am moving my fingers in and out and you are giving little to no resistance. I then lube up the vibrator and approach your back door. The tapered end of the small vibrator allows it to slide easily into your tight ass. I could be wrong but I think I may have heard a small moan coming from you. You are determined to fight this every step of the way. As I move the vibrator in and out you really begin to relax. I can tell that by now you are not resisting the movements at all. That is when I reach down and turn on the vibrator. A long “Ohhhh” escapes your lips and I begin moving the vibrator quickly in and out. While I am using it on you I am also moving it in circles, relaxing and widening your ass in preparation for me. I then remove the toy and replace it with my cock. As I push against you I feel a little resistance at first. Slowly the head of my cock moves into you and disappears in your sweet hole. I continue pushing in, occasionally backing out a little. Finally I am completely in. You become aware of this as my balls are now resting against your pussy.

I start out very slow. I mean extremely slow. As I pull out and move into you I can tell what is coming. You may not know it but you are about to have your first anal orgasm while awake. As I go completely in again your leg moves up to my ass and holds me there. Your body quakes and you begin to explode. You scream and pant, having a very intense orgasm. You are not done yet though. At this point you lower your leg a little allowing me to pull back. Your leg moves up again pushing me back into you. I know this signal too. You know want it fast. I begin picking up temp. A little faster, then a little faster, then a little faster still. You are moaning and breathing heavily and I can tell that regardless of how much you wanted to fight it, you are enjoying anal sex. I am now thrusting into your ass as fast as I can. I know you to well though. I know from all those nights what is coming next. For some reason you like anal sex to be HARD. And I do mean hard. I start thrusting into you with complete abandon. You are moving your hips back to meet each thrust. Suddenly and without warning another orgasm envelops you. You thrash and scream like never before. You want more, more, more.

“Harder, faster, more…don’t stop.”

I give you everything you ask for. Suddenly, I explode and have to stop. I thrust one last time as hard and deep as I can. While holding it there you moan loudly.

When we are all done and collapse on the bed together I look at you and smile. “So, anal sex isn’t as bad as you thought is it.”

You just look at me and say “it’s weird. I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to enjoy it.” That’s my wife….just had two explosive, violent anal orgasms and still can’t admit that it felt good.

Over the next few times we have sex we continue to try this out. Each time gets easier and easier. During sex you have even started requesting it (under the guise of getting ready for your big night). Your answer still stays the same though. Finally in an email you admit it. It feels great and you like doing it. You are now ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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