The Woman on the Bus Ch. 02

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The Woman on the Bus


The Text Messages

“So, she sent me that message and it was the beginning of one of the hottest exchanges I’ve ever had, if not the hottest. By the end, she had me in such disarray, it would have been difficult to explain to anyone had they walked in. I probably looked like I just got fucked by an army.” I said, feeling my blood temperature rise.

“She did that to you?” Gina asked.

“Oh, yeah.” I nodded.

“Are you planning to do anything with her? I mean physically?” Gina asked, probing my intentions.

I wanted to avoid answering that question since I didn’t have a definitive answer and I didn’t want to raise my own hopes, “Look at this, first.” I said, handing her my phone. The text screen was open to the very first text as I described it.

Her: I missed you today. (8:51 pm)

Me: I missed you too. 🙂 (8:52 pm)

Her: What are you doing? (8:53 pm)

Me: I was waiting for you. (8:53 pm)

Her: 🙂 Are you home alone? (8:55 pm)

Me: No, my husband is here, but he knows. (8:56 pm)

Her: He knows you’re a lesbian? (8:56 pm)

Me: No. I mean, I’m not. You have my attention, though. (8:56 pm)

Her: Does he not satisfy you? (8:56 pm)

Me: He does… but like I said, you have my attention. (8:57 pm)

Her: Only yours? (8:57 pm)

Me: Yes. You’re not for him. (8:57 pm)

Her: Am I for you? (8:58 pm)

Me: Yes. And I’m for you. (8:59 pm)

Her: I know. (8:59 pm)

Me: Yeah? You seem… sure about that. (8:59 pm)

Her: Well, you looked like a present when I first saw you. (9:00 pm)

Me: I feel the same way and Sincan Escort if I’m your present, then I’m waiting for you to unwrap me. (9:01 pm)

Her: I don’t know. You seem too pretty to unwrap. (9:01 pm)

Me: Please? (9:01 pm)

Her: Please, what? (9:02 pm)

Me: Please unwrap me. It’ll be my first time. (9:02 pm)

Her: Of all the girls in the world, I’m the one you were bold enough to approach? (9:03 pm)

Me: Yes. (9:03 pm)

Her: I bet you say that to all the girls. (9:03 pm)

Me: Maybe I would if ever one caught my eye like you did. (9:04 pm)

Her: Thank you. (9:05 pm)

Her: So, what do I remove first? The bow? (9:05 pm)

Me: Quickly, before the packaging is ruined. (9:06 pm)

Her: Like my favorite candy, I will tear your clothes off until the sweet center is mine to eat. No buckle will remain buckled, and no button will be spared. (9:08 pm)

Me: And when I’m unwrapped and shivering naked before you? (9:09 pm)

Her: You will not shiver. I’ll hold you close while I enjoy my gift. (9:11 pm)

Me: What about MY gift? (9:11 pm)

Her: I have already unwrapped myself for you, love. (9:14 pm)

Me: I have goosebumps. Every day that goes by that you do not unwrap me, I become wetter and wetter. (9:15 pm)

Her: It only gets worse from here. I know you watch me as I walk away. Do you imagine my bare skin?

Me: Yes. (9:15 pm)

Her: Do you imagine your face between my legs, lapping at my juices? (9:16 pm)

Me: Yes. (9:16 pm)

Her: Do you picture my nipples in your mouth, suckling as a baby does? (9:18 pm)

Me: YES (9:18 pm)

Me: I’m going to my room. (9:18 pm)

Her: Do you intend to open my gift without Escort Ankara me? 😉 (9:19 pm)

Me: I need to (9:24 pm)

Her: What will you think of? (9:25 pm)

Her: My hands opening your silk blouse? (9:26 pm)

Her: Your breasts falling into my hands as your bra falls from your body? (9:27 pm)

Her: Or will your legs shake thinking of my hand trailing down your body and finding its way into your wet panties? (9:29 pm)

Me: You’re driving me insane. (9:31 pm)

Me: I’m wet thinking of the things you will do to me, yes. But also the things I will do to you. (9:33 pm)

Me: I’m in just my panties. (9:34 pm)

Her: Oh. I like a girl who fully commits. Why did you stop there? (9:35 pm)

Me: Who said I was done? (9:37 pm)

Her: Touché. Is there is a tiny bow on the front of them? (9:38 pm)

Me: Maybe. 😉 Perhaps one day you will see. (9:40 pm)

Her: When that day comes, you will not be able to see mine. (9:41 pm)

Her: I don’t wear any. (9:41 pm)

Me: My legs are shaking. (9:44 pm)

Her: My fingers are wet. (9:46 pm)

Me: May I cum for you? (9:48 pm)

Her: No. (9:48 pm)

Me: Please? (9:50 pm)

Her: No. You have to wait until I’m ready. (9:50 pm)

Me: You found the right girl. I love to get right there and hold off. (9:53 pm)

Her: I would like to teach you how to do that to me. (9:54 pm)

Me: I would like to let you teach me. (9:56 pm)

Her: Are you shaved? (9:57 pm)

Me: What do you enjoy? (10:00 pm)

Her: I like a little hair to tickle my nose as my tongue explores you. (10:01 pm)

Me: Oh god… I want to cum. (10:05 pm)

Her: Almost, sweet girl. (10:05 pm)

Me: Please cum soon. Eryaman Escort Bayan My pussy is dripping for you. (10:08 pm)

Her: When do you want to have me? (10:09 pm)

Me: NOW! (10:11 pm)

Her: I kind of figured that out, love. When do you want me? (10:12 pm)

Her: When do you want to unbutton my pants and slide your hands down and feel how wet I am for you? (10:13 pm)

Her: Slide a finger inside me while I kiss your ear. (10:14 pm)

Her: Fuck me as I begin taking off your clothes. (10:14 pm)

Me: I want to do all this the next time I see you. (10:16 pm)

Her: I think the bus driver would not be happy, but we would put on quite the show for the passengers. (10:17 pm)

Me: Let them watch. (10:17 pm)

Her: Oh, an exhibitionist! Would you let them watch as I knelt in front of you, lifted your skirt, pulled your panties to the side and buried my tongue in your vagina? (10:20 pm)

Me: God damnit, yes! (10:21 pm)

Her: How about if I dropped my pants, and told you to finger my pussy from behind?

Me: I want to cummmmm…! (10:22 pm)

Her: *recorded sound* (10:28 pm)

Her: Go ahead, love. Let the volcano inside you erupt. (10:28 pm)

Me: Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. (10:36 pm)

Her: 🙂 (10:36 pm)

Me: You don’t understand! (10:36 pm)

Her: Oh, but I do. Remember, I’m the lesbian here. You’re simply my trainee. 😉 (10:37 pm)

Me: I’ll report to work first thing Monday morning! (10:38 pm)

Me:…I’m Christy, btw. (10:38 pm)

Her: Nice to meet you! Lol I’m Melissa. (10:29 pm)

Me: I can’t wait to see you Monday. I won’t know what to say, though. (10:30 pm)

Her: We’ll figure it out, don’t you think? (10:31 pm)

Me: I think so! 😉 What are you going to do the rest of the evening? (10:32 pm)

Her: I’m going to reread this, with my vibrator against my clit and cum again. (10:32 pm)

Me: You read my mind!!! (10:33 pm)

Her: I’ll look for you Monday morning!

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