Three Boys and Movie Night

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We never expected things to turn out the way they did, but while they were immaculately pleasurable, things got weird after that. Predictably.

Josh, Andrew, Ty and myself, met up for our usual Monday night movie night in Ty and Josh’s apartment. We’d been doing this for years, since we first moved here to study.

Josh and I used to date, but that was long gone, history, they say.

Last night though, Ty, the bright spark, had an incredible idea of getting everybody drunk because he’d just reviewed his paper to be published. Celebration with tequila, rum, vodka and a bottle of Coca-cola seemed a bit extravagant, but hey, who’s complaining about free alcohol?

We started sober enough throught the first half of Ghost in the Shell, before Ty started to get woozy and insanely giggly. By then, my heart was palpitating half out of my chest cavity and Andrew had his arm around me.

These guys and I have been friends for ages. Ty and I practically grew up together and he was always very protective of me. The other 2 we knew from the neighbourhood and high school. I’d kissed all of them at least once each, mostly either on dares, as a girlfriend (with Josh) or during celebrations like new year’s and birthdays. But I’d only slept with Josh.

Andrew started telling his stupid high school stories about his football days that we’d all heard about 5 times, amazingly though, we all laughed at every single joke he made. You could possibly tell we Keçiören Escort Bayan were quite high by then. The drinks just kept coming, after a while, nobody was sober enough to mix drinks proper, so it was pretty much tequila shots all the way.

I don’t quite remember what happened, but somehow, my hand had travelled to Andrew’s groin and obviously had ideas of its own. Hell, I’d been horny all week but hadn’t gotten any since Rob and I broke up a few months back.

Andrew laid his glass down and leaned back, letting out a sigh, moaning as my hand began stroking the hard-on he developed. I remember thinking how big he felt.

Josh was the first to notice and I don’t know how, his shirt came off. He ambled over to where we were sitting and knelt before me. Bleary eyed, I smiled at him and slowly spread my legs. As I lifted my right leg up to rest my foot on his shoulder, my skirt opened up to reveal my wet panties, obviously soiled by now. Without a word, he slipped my panties off, slowly, as if expecting me to resist.

By this time, Ty was probably the voice of reason, as he spied us getting hot he exclaimed, “God, what the hell?” And nobody listened. “Hell it’s hot in here…” as he pulled off his shirt too.

He scooted over to my right and buried his face in my neck, his hand cupping my left breast through the low neckline of my top. I couldn’t contain myself for very long, this was getting too hot for me. By then Escort Eryaman all I wanted was to get naked and rub my clit til I came.

The boys obviously had other ideas.

It didn’t take Ty long to decide to pull off my top and undo my bra. He went at my tits like he hadn’t eaten for days. Man, my nipples were hard as hell. Andrew pulled down his pants and boxers and began to stroke his cock and suck my nipple at the same time. Josh had had enough of exploring with his fingers and went down on me like a rabid dog, licking and sucking my clit until I was dripping wet.

I came really fast, first softly, then I came twice in a row, in some sort of double explosion. The boys still kept at it, almost selflessly, except for Andrew who kept masturbating through it all. I came I think 5 or 6 times last night, each time stronger than before.

I needed to fuck, and Andrew’s cock looked so inviting I had to fuck him. After coming for the 6th time, the boys relented, and began touching themselves. I flopped over onto Andrew’s lap and rubbed my wet pussy against his long, hard cock. He looked up at me, absolutely wasted, and kissed me softly, but firmly, both hands massaging my breasts. I could feel somebody’s cock slapping against my ass. He whispered to me “Will you let me fuck you?” and I handled his hard cock, stroked it slowly a few times, inviting many moans, before slipping his cock into my wet, slippery pussy.

I rode him slowly Sincan Escort Bayan at first, and then faster, and I felt like I was going to have another orgasm. As I came one more time on his cock, he pushed me off and came all over himself.

I turned over and leaned onto my back on the sofa. Ty was coming all over himself, and Josh was almost there. I pulled him toward me and kissed him. He kissed my breasts and I ordered him softly, “Fuck me..”

He thrust his cock inside me and fucked me for what was about 2 minutes before withdrawing and coming all over the sofa.

Spent, sweaty and very satisfied, we sat in silence for what seemed like 15 minutes, catching our breaths, trying to take in all that happened in the last half and hour or so.

I got up, grabbed my clothes and hopped into the bathroom, showered for about 15 minutes before coming back out.

The boys had cleaned up and dressed, and were getting water to drink, watching rest of the movie that was playing through our little escapade.

I plopped back down on the sofa next to Andrew and he handed me a glass of water. Everyone acted normal, as if nothing had happened.

I don’t know what to make of it, and it’s complicated things. I don’t know if I should expect things to be weird or anything, but Ty’s called to ask me to dinner with him, his girlfriend Min and Josh tomorrow night, almost as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.

I don’t feel cheapened or anything, I just haven’t yet figured out what the hell happened and if it even meant anything to the boys. Perhaps we’re all treating this with the usual attitude that boys seem so good at adopting, that if you ignore it, the problem solves itself. Avoidance?


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