Three On A Hide-A-Bed

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Big Tits

Once when my ex-husband was out to sea I met these two guys at the base. I was hanging around with Sheila, this friend of mine whose husband was assigned to the same ship as my ex. We were hanging out at the dance club on the base, drinking beer and looking for trouble, and we found it.

Sheila met up with this guy whose name I do not remember and I met these two guys named Lance and Mike. Well, Lance and Mike were both cute and they were very good friends, so I decided to take them both home. Or back to Sheila’s apartment, to be more accurate. I was staying at her place, on her hide-a-bed for the weekend. And let me tell you, there are some things you can do on a hide-a-bed that you cannot do in a regular bed.

Lance was tall and thin, with blonde hair and Mike was a little bit shorter than me with dark hair, and kind of a stocky build. When we got back to Sheila’s place we drank more beer and then the three of us retired to the living room, while Sheila disappeared into her room with her guy.

Mike started kissing me and and Lance moved over and sat in the recliner to watch. Mike and I made out for a bit, slowly taking off each other’s clothes then fell into the hide-a-bed naked, rubbing against each other. Mike’s chest hair was wiry and felt great against my sensitive nipples.

As Mike laid me on my back and began to play with my pussy, I looked over and saw that Lance had stripped off and was watching us intently while he stroked himself. I grinned at Lance when he looked over at me, and licked my lips. Lance groaned and gripped his cock harder.

Mike nuzzled my neck and then moved his face down to my breasts, lightly grazing my nipples with his teeth. That got my attention, and I arched my back so Mike would have better access to my chest. Mike raised his head to smile at me before re-applying Ankara Escort his mouth to my sensitive nipples and moving to position himself between my legs.

I spread my legs and Mike nudged the head of his cock into me. He was much larger than my ex-husband and his swollen cockhead felt divine. He took it very slow, sinking his cock into me a centimeter at a time, causing me to buck my hips up at him and gasp for him to slam his cock in and fill me up. But Mike was having none of it, teasing me by thrusting shallowly, allowing just a bit more of his thick cock to enter me each time. I glanced over at Lance and he was intently watching his friend penetrate me and his cock was flushed purple in his rapidly stroking fist.

The sight of Lance’s engorged cock was too much for me and I surprised Mike by planting my feet then bucking, causing him to slide completely into me as I flipped us over, landing with me on top. Mike’s hard, huge cock felt divine as I settled down on top of him. I could feel the throbbing of his cockhead where it was buried deep inside me. We had landed on the hide-a-bed with Mike’s head near the top of the mattress and I growled at Lance to come over and sit on the top of the sofa so I could ride Mike while I sucked Lance’s cock.

Lance was only too happy to oblige and climbed up onto the back of the sofa and spread his legs so I could lean forward and suck his cock into my mouth. I began to roll my hips, riding Mike as I slid my wet mouth over Lance’s hard cock. Both Lance and Mike began to groan as I pleasured them, and I responded even more enthusiastically. I braced my hands on Lance’s thighs and used that leverage to lift my hips and then slam back down onto Mike’s rigid cock, sliding my mouth on Lance’s cock in the same rhythm. I kept that up for a few minutes when Lance groaned Çankaya Escort and said he was going to come. I began to deep throat Lance as I settled down onto Mike and rocked slowly on his cock so I could concentrate on getting Lance off.

Lance suddenly let loose with a high-pitched moan and I felt his come shoot into my throat. I glanced up and saw Lance’s face twisted up in the throes of his orgasm, his mouth wide open, eyes clenched shut, chest heaving. I love the way a man looks when he is coming. I sucked the last spurts of come from Lance’s deflating penis then sat back on my heels, settling myself more firmly on Mike’s cock. Mike was grinning up at me as Lance climbed down from the back of the sofa. “Fuck me, baby.” He said, “Do me good.”

I grinned back and began to roll my hips again, riding him slowly as his grin faded to a look of ecstacy. I fucked Mike slowly, enjoying the feel of his thick cock rubbing my pussy walls. He was thick enough that I could feel every ridge as I moved up and down, sending thrills through me as the edge of his cockhead rubbed that super-sensitive spot inside me. After several minutes, I could not take any more and leaned forward, letting my tits dangle in Mike’s face as I lifted my hips up and down, riding his hard cock for all I was worth. Mike sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, nibbling slightly as he flexed his buttocks, causing his cock to penetrate even further.

I gasped and flipped my sweaty hair out of my face, noticing that Lance was once again in the recliner watching me as I fucked Mike. Mike bit down on my nipple gently, bringing my attention back to him, and I pulled my thighs in slightly, gaining better leverage. I began to rapidly lift my hips then slam back down onto Mike’s cock, fucking him fast and furious. Mike’s mouth went slack, releasing Etlik Escort my nipple, and his neck arched as he began to come. I ground my pussy down on his spurting cock, enjoying the feel of each pulsation as much as I enjoyed the sound of Mike’s little moans and panting.

As soon as Mike was spent, I climbed off of him and lay on my back on the mattress. Lance was sitting in the recliner, holding his recovered cock in his hand, staring at me as I exposed my pussy to his view by spreading my legs. I began to rub my clit, watching as Lance’s eyes got huge and he began to once again pump his hard cock. I dipped my fingers into the wetness in my pussy, spreading it up over my hard clit. I rubbed my clit in little circles, soon forgetting about my audience as I brought myself closer and closer to orgasm. I heard Lance groan and I opened my eyes to see his cock spurting over his hand as he came, staring at my wet, open pussy. I closed my eyes again and continued with my self-pleasuring when I felt Mike move between my legs and slam that amazing thick cock inside of me.

I moved my hand as Mike lifted my hips and began thrusting into me hard and fast. He said for me to continue, that he wanted to feel me coming on his hard cock. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice, and I worked my hand in between our sweaty bodies to again rub my throbbing clit. It took only a few strokes before I was screaming out my orgasm, feeling my pussy muscles contract around Mike’s cock. Mike continued to fuck me and I continued to rub my clit through four orgasms, each one more intense than the last. Finally, I felt Mike’s cock get even thicker than it had been and he began to thrust even faster into my cunt. He groaned as he came inside me again, losing rhythm as his orgasm washed through him. He kept whispering “fuck fuck fuck” and grunting as he came. When I looked over at Lance, he had jerked himself off again watching Mike fuck me – judging from his flushed face and shortness of breath, he had just finished. The three of us curled up on that hide-a-bed and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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