Uber Driver


“Stop, please! No more! I can’t stop laughing!”

“That’s why I’m your favorite driver, right?” he said with a smile looking into the rearview mirror.

“That and pretty much everything else,” she said trying to catch her breath. “If you were a little older, and if I wasn’t married…I’d be dragging you into the back seat with me!”

“And I’d let you drag me!” he told her with another smile even though there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening even if she were single.

“I hope all my referrals have helped,” she said as her laughter died down.

“Are you kidding? I’ve had four other women in the last two weeks tell me they asked for me because of their friend Giselle. And that’s why this ride is on me,” he told her.

“Oh, you have no idea how badly I’d like you to ride me,” she said keeping their always-lively banter going. It was one of the reasons she never asked for any other Uber driver. That and the fact that Gray Ellis was just freaking gorgeous!

Each of her other four friends had all told her shortly after their first ride with him that she’d been right. He was absolutely ‘yummy’ and had kept them laughing the entire time.

The only friend who hadn’t taken her up on her suggestion yet was her best friend, Du Strickland. Du was short for Xanadu and that name came about because she’d been born not long after the movie by that name was released back in 1980. Okay, she was born two years after that, but her father had had a not-so secret crush on Olivia Newton-John, and her mother ended up relenting and naming her child Xanadu. Mercifully, it had been quickly shortened to Du or sometimes, to her family, Du Drop. But it was never, ever spelled ‘do’ or ‘dew’.

“Don’t tempt me, Giselle,” he told her as he pulled up to her swanky apartment complex in downtown Seattle.

“I’ve tried that, remember?” she said still giddy from the flirting.

She had tried it once. She’d actually flashed her boobs after a particularly hot, steamy session of sexual innuendo with her handsome, much-younger driver.

Gray wasn’t the least bit interested but had swerved the car a little just for effect and said, “Hey! Put those weapons away back there! You trying to get us both killed?”

As he stopped the car, he zeroed out the fare and ended it before going around to get her door the way he always did. As he helped her out, she slipped another $50 bill in his pants and said, “Thanks for the…ride…gorgeous.”

“Anytime, beautiful,” he said before kissing her on the cheek.

“I hope my husband’s watching,” she said. “Maybe if he gets jealous enough, I’ll finally get laid.”

“Well, if he’s not smart enough to see what a gorgeous wife he has, you just let me know, okay?” Gray told her with another smile.

As he closed her door she said, “I still have one more friend I’m gonna convince to ride with you. She’s not as…fun loving…as the rest of us, but she’s my dearest and closest friend. She lost her husband a couple of years ago and just getting her to go on a date can be like pulling teeth. I think a ride with you might be just what the doctor ordered!”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but I’ll look forward to meeting her. Is she as hot as you, Giselle?” he asked knowing they both knew she wasn’t exactly hot.

“In her case, yes. She’s not only my best friend, she’s my best-looking friend. In fact, I secretly hate her because she still looks closer to your age than our age, but that aside, I do truly love her.”

“Okay, then by all means send her my way,” he said before running up and opening the door to the apartment complex.

“I swear, if I was single….” she said one more time before wishing him well.

Things were going quite well for Gray Ellis. Not quite 23, he’d graduated from college a year ago, and with a degree in marketing, he saw huge potential in being an Uber driver. But not just driving. He had designs on carving out his own unique niche, and so far, he’d been doing incredibly well.

He’d vacillated between doing that and taking an actual job with a marketing firm for more money upfront and less control over his life, but what tipped the scales was a trip to southern California right after graduating from college. He and a friend bought tickets to The Price is Right, the longest running game show in history, and when his name was called to COME ON DOWN! he was shocked.

He shook hands with Drew Carey then quickly learned he’d be playing for—A NEW CAR!

When he removed a number from the wrong price and squished the numbers together just moments later, the lights blinked and music played and Drew was pumping his hand and congratulating him. It was all over in less than five minutes, and all he had to do was pay taxes on the car and it was his.

Perhaps the most memorable moment had been when one of the models wrote her phone number on his palm after the show in pen then said, “Call me before you leave town.” And he did and it was an experience he’d never forget.

His dad loaned him the money until he Betturkey could get home and sell his old, beat up car for almost exactly the amount he’d paid in taxes for the brand new, four-door, 2016 Chevy Malibu.

With a fully-paid-for new car in hand, his decision was made for him, and since his first ride, business had steadily increased to the point where he could now drive as many hours a day as he wanted and be booked almost the entire time. A huge chunk of that business was due to referrals from middle-aged women like Giselle.

Gray had always been a calm, easy-going guy blessed with good looks and a boyish smile women and girls loved. But he was also smart. Not just book smart as evidenced by a very respectable 3.72 grade point average in college, but he also had common sense. If that wasn’t enough of a package deal, he had a genuine love for both people and animals and would give the proverbial shirt off his back to help someone out—every a stranger in need. Oh, and he really knew how to listen and related to people, so yeah, a package deal indeed.

Life was a struggle for many people for various reasons. For Gray Ellis it was a constant source of joy as he couldn’t wait for the next wondrous thing to come his way whether it was a new passenger to chat with or just watching the world unfold around him. People treated him well and so far, only good things had come his way so what was not to like?

Things were going so well for him he was finally going to be able to move out of his parents’ home and into a first place of his own very soon. He wasn’t in any hurry as hurrying wasn’t his style. He had a very sound, loving relationship with both of his parents and life was good.

“You’re home early. How’d the day go?” his dad asked when he got home around 9pm.

“Pretty incredible,” he answered. “I haven’t added it all up, but I think I cleared close to five-hundred bucks today.”

“Let me guess. Most of that came in the form of tips from your middle-aged women, right?” his dad commented with a smile.

“What can I say? I got your good looks, Dad.”

“Yes, you did!” his mom chimed in once she heard her son come home.

Both she and her husband were in the 50’s and still attractive people who’d been very good looking when they got married. Gray had been the lucky beneficiary of their good genetics as his phone was constantly on fire with this girl or that asking him to hang out (or just as often—hook up.) He rarely had time anymore, but that didn’t stop the calls and texts from coming.

“Just be careful. You don’t need some jealous husband tracking you down,” his dad said.

“No worries. I’d never even consider getting involved with a married woman. If I was married, I’d be pretty unhappy if some guy was hitting on my wife. Besides, you guys raised me better than that, right?”

“Ah! And that is why we love you so much!” his mom said.

“Are you ever gonna take a day off?” his father asked.

“Not unless I have to,” Gray replied. “I’m not only making a lot of money, I love driving. Okay, I don’t love the actual driving part in this traffic, but I really enjoy interacting with people. All of them. Young, old, black, white, male, female. Everyone has a story to tell, and most people love talking about themselves. I like listening so it works out great for everyone.”

“And for your bank account,” his dad quipped.

“And then there’s that, too,” he said. “Anyway, I need to close everything out so I’m gonna retire to the sanctuary called my room, and I’ll see you guys in the morning.”

“Okay, Gray. Have a good night,” his mom said before kissing him on the cheek, something that not only didn’t embarrass the 22-year old, but was a pleasant nightly ritual he found comforting and reassuring.

He knew people made comments all the time about kids living in their parents’ basements until they were in their 30s, and he took that in stride, too. In one sense, things had always been expensive because even ‘back in the day’ wages were lower so the lower cost of things balanced out.

Getting started on one’s own had always been tough, and Gray didn’t know if it really was tougher now or if maybe his generation really was as wimpy as the Baby Boomers said it was. All he knew was he was grateful to have a place to stay where people loved him and he felt safe. He knew that one day, he’d have a place of his own and hopefully a beautiful, loving wife and maybe even a kid or two. He wasn’t sure he was ready to settle down just yet, but after eight years of partying and dating and endless hooking up from high school through college, the thought of finding someone special was at least a possibility for him. Again, there was no hurry. But were she to come along he was now more than ready.

Four days later, Gray saw a pickup for Giselle on his schedule and smiled. She wasn’t the best looking customer he had by far, but she might just be the most fun. He was really looking forward to seeing her and the lively banter Betturkey Giriş that would probably go straight to the gutter in short order. He saw a +1 listed and didn’t pay much attention to it until he pulled up to her ritzy apartment building where she and her husband lived in the penthouse on the floor next to the top.

Unlike most drivers who sat in the car and waited, Gray always at least tried to get out and open the rear door for his female customers. From the feedback he routinely got it seemed that nearly every one of them appreciated it.

Today, he was very pleasantly surprised when he saw Giselle standing outside with another woman who had to be this friend she’d recently mentioned because she was a very attractive woman. He recalled Giselle describing her as being more reserved and he was pretty sure he’d heard her use the word ‘sophisticated’, as well. He wasn’t going to judge anyone in advance, but his experience had taught him so far that ‘sophisticated’ was often code for ‘elitist snob’.

The first thing he noticed about her was her beautiful face although it was a real toss up as to whether it was more appealing than her amazing body. She had shoulder-length hair that was very dark but not black, and it was shiny and silky and very sexy.

She was wearing a dark-blue, rib knit sweater and a black skirt that showed off every curve of her body to include what appeared to be either full B or possibly small C boobs, a tight waist, and two very shapely legs that ended in a pair of heels.

“Gray!” Giselle nearly shouted as he jumped out and ran around to get her door.

“Giselle. It’s so good to see you!” he said as he opened it.

“This is my best friend. You know, the one I was telling you about,” she said with a smile.

“I remember,” he said. He turned toward and said, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Before the woman could speak Giselle said, “Was I right or what? Is he not just the hottest guy ever?”

He could see the other woman was uncomfortable so he didn’t jump in and start up their usually back and forth.

Instead he politely said to the new woman, “I’m Gray. Ellis. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The smiled a dazzling smile then said, “Uh-oh. If it’s from Giselle I’m almost afraid to ask. No…I am afraid to ask.”

“Oh, come on, Du! You know me better than that! It was all very nice and very appropriate,” Giselle said.

“Uh-huh. And I was born yesterday,” the woman said before introducing herself.

“I’m Du Strickland,” she said offering Gray her hand. The nails were perfectly manicured and painted a dark red to match the glossy red lipstick she was wearing. Everything about her screamed money but so far, not elitist or snob.

“That’s short for Xanadu,” Giselle said before Gray could respond. “I’ll tell you the story once we get in.”

Gray helped Giselle in then walked around with the woman with the very odd name and opened her door.

“Thank you,” she said. “Giselle didn’t mention you were a gentleman, too.”

“I told you he was amazing,” he heard Giselle say as he closed the door.

Gray was all smiles when he got in, and Giselle was still talking.

“I admit I may have focused on the physical a little more than anything else, but….”

“I believe that’s the only thing you’ve ever talked about,” Du said as she noticed Gray looking at her in the mirror.

“Okay. Fine. But was I right or what?” Giselle said again.

“I apologize for my friend,” Du said. “I don’t think she understands it’s rude to talk about someone who’s sitting near them as though they weren’t even there.”

“I know he’s there!” Giselle said as though the remark was meant for her. “I mean, how could I not, right? Come on, tell me he isn’t hot.”

“Giselle? Could you please give it a rest this one time?” her friend said.

“Okay. Okay. Fine. I won’t say another word about the hot, young, sexy Uber driver who hasn’t stopped looking at you since he pulled up.”

“I’m sure that’s not the case,” Du said in a way that told Gray she was still apologizing.

“I try to be completely honest with everyone, and I have to admit Giselle is right. If I was staring—and I’m sure I was, then I’m the one who needs to apologize,” Gray said in a friendly-but-humble tone.

“She is gorgeous,” Giselle said. Her tone was playfully begrudging as though this was a longstanding issue between them.

“So…where are we going, ladies?” he asked hoping to move on.

Giselle gave him the address which he punched into his GPS then started the fare meter and took off as Giselle began explaining the origin of her friend’s name.

“Have you ever seen the movie?” she asked Gray.

“No. Sorry. Can’t say that I have,” he replied. “But I do know that Olivia Newton-John is a very beautiful woman.”

“Really?” Giselle replied. “She’s gotta be like…ancient.”

He saw Du give her a look which drew an immediate response.

“What? It’s true, right?”

Gray smiled then said, “Every woman is beautiful in her own way. I recently saw her on some talk show. My mom always has shows on like The View or Dr. Oz, and I happened to see her and caught her name. I don’t know how old she is, but she’s still very pretty.”

“You really are a gentleman, aren’t you?” Du said politely while glaring at her friend.

“I try. Unless, of course, I’m riding alone with Giselle.”

Both of the women laughed, and Du said as she looked at her best friend, “Oh, trust me. I know all about this one so nothing would surprise me.”

“Oh, you might be surprised,” Gray said getting another round of laughter.

“Did I tell you my friend is single and available?” Giselle said the moment the laughter died down.

“Giselle Santiago! Stop already. What is wrong with you?” Du said, clearly irritated with her friend but used to her antics.

“What? I can’t tell a really cute guy my best friend is single and hardly ever goes out? What’s so wrong with that?”

Gray saw Du shake her head without replying.

But after a moment of silence Du said, “You’d think she was single the way she talks.”

“I’m very happily married, thank you very much,” Giselle shot back. “But that doesn’t mean I’m blind or that I can’t flirt a little.”

“A little?” Gray said with a chuckle.

For the first time, Du actually really laughed and Giselle gave him a look.

“See if you get another tip from me!” she said pretending to be furious.

“You know I love you, right, G?” Gray said.

“That’s better,” she said. “You just might get another tip. But you better say something very nice real quick.”

“You look very pretty today,” Gray said immediately as he looked at her in the mirror.

“That’ll do,” she said sweetly. “And I forgive you for not even really looking at me this time. Then again, if I was a guy I’d be looking at her, too. Hell, I’m a woman and I still look at her.”

Gray knew better than to jump on that grenade and left well enough alone.

“Will I be picking you ladies up later on?” he asked hoping to move on.

“Yes, but we’ll be returning separately,” Giselle informed him. “I have a doctor’s appointment after we have lunch so I’ll let you know when and where you can come get me.”

“Ma’am?” he said to Du.

“Oh, um…I hadn’t really thought about it. I will need a ride so if you’re available then sure, that would be nice,” she told him.

“Just give me as much advance notice as you can, okay?” he told her.

“Gray is always booked solid, and now you know why. I bet there are women who don’t even need to go anywhere who get on his schedule just to spend time with him and ride around so they can hear some pillow talk.”

“Well, he is a very attractive young man, and he also seems like a real gentleman so I can see where that might happen,” Du said in a way that wasn’t flirty at all. “Well, if they have money to burn like you do.”

“I can’t help it if my husband is a very successful cosmetic surgeon, can I?” Giselle said somewhat defensively.

“You know I’m only kidding, right?” Du said as she put a hand on her friend’s forearm.

“Yeah. I know. I’m just a little sensitive about the money comments. Sorry, hon.”

“Hey, if you got it, you got it, right?” Du said to her friend.

“I got the money, you got the looks,” Giselle said in a way that told Gray that was a sensitive topic.

“You’re both very beautiful women,” Gray blurted out before wondering why he even said it.

“And you just doubled your tip!” Giselle said with a smile.

“Okay, ladies. We have arrived at your destination. And Mrs. Strickland? Please let me get your door, okay? That way if someone gets run over, it won’t be you.”

She smiled at him then said, “Modern-day chivalry?”

“Maybe just a guy trying to make it in a very competitive business?” he offered before getting out.

Traffic was as bad as always and he was barely able to open her door and let cars pass by.

She offered him her left hand, and he saw a huge diamond ring on it and recalled what Giselle had told him about Du having lost her husband. He tried not to stare, but she saw him looking anyway but didn’t mention it.

“Let’s get you around back before we both get killed,” he said as he gently put a hand in the small of her back to lead her around the back while shielding her from oncoming traffic.

Once she was safely on the sidewalk, he helped Giselle out who had another fifty ready.

“I won’t put it in your pants this time because you-know-who-Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes is watching,” she said shooting a look at her friend.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Du said reaching into her purse.

She handed Gray a tenspot and thanked him again.

“Sorry, I’m not married to a rich plastic surgeon,” she said in a very sweet way that wasn’t meant to be offensive.

Gray also knew better than to ask any questions but he was having a hard time figuring out how both of them looked so glamorous if only one of them had money. Then again, ‘having money’ was relative, and Du may have had a fair amount while Giselle could have been rolling in it. Either way it was none of his business.

“Could you possibly pick me up right here in about two hours?” Du asked politely.

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