Controlling My Boyfriend Ch. 04

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The next day, I am up a little early and in a very good mood. Not only do I have Chase and Samantha in my bed, they do make a lovely set, but the cold snap is finally gone and I can do other things I enjoy that the cold just doesn’t allow. It’s still chilly out this early, but it’s supposed to warm up nicely.

That strapon has been cleaned and put away for now, since I don’t think I’ll need to get it out anytime soon. There is a drive that we need to take, since she is moving in with us, even if Samantha is unaware of that fact. The parties will be on hold for now, since I need to do far more to break her will before taking her to anything like an orgy.

Her dark clothes are quickly bundled up and thrown in the trash, since I don’t want to ever see her wearing anything that isn’t white ever again. I leave one of my robes out for her to find once she wakes, but it was not designed to cover much of anything. It is the skimpiest one I have and barely qualifies as a robe.

Not only will we be going to her apartment to get her things, including her clothing that she won’t ever be wearing agian, but there is the need to do a little shopping. Her clothes are only being removed from her apartment due to her never returning, but they will all be thrown out. I don’t really care if she wants to keep everything, since she doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

They are sleeping peacefully next to each other and neither has noticed their naked bodies are not covered. Chase has his morning erection and her hand is on his muscular stomach. She is turned slightly towards him and her small tits look delightful. Had it not been for my knowledge of their sibling relationship, I would certainly have no problem believing they were nothing more than your average lovers.

She is starting to stir and I leave quietly to wait in the kitchen for both of them. I don’t know which will rise first, but I hope it is her. That would give us time to have some much needed girl talk. Coffee is needed to start my day properly, along with both of them, so I don’t mind starting the coffee pot and enjoying the aroma.

Samantha is the first one to leave the bedroom as I sit with cup in hand and I smile a little as she is wearing the robe I laid out. Her tits are wonderfully visible, since they are covered by nothing, and her blode pubic hair appears to be more than just trimmed behind the cloud of the fabric. Her blue eyes fall to mine for a moment and her face flushes just a little, then turn away to get a cup of coffee for herself. Her cheeks look wonderful as the flesh presses through the cloud.

I grin as I say, “Good morning, miss modest.”

Once she has a cup filled with hot coffee, she turns and says, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Our eyes meet as I say, “It’s a joke. You come walking out here with your tits hanging out and wearing something that doesn’t cover shit.”

She takes a sip and says, “Couldn’t find anything else to wear. Thanks for that, by the way. Not that it matters. Not like I can think about modesty, considering I woke up next to my brother naked.”

She sits with the fresh cup across from me and our eyes continue to lock onto one another. I know she is trying to process all that happened yesterday and I have plenty of patience to sit in silence. The coffee does taste good, but just like everything else I ingest, it could use some cum.

She sets her cup down as she says, “I want to fuck Chase in the ass.”

There is no sign of deception that I can find on her face and am a little taken back by just how casually she spoke the words. I recover quickly and my lips turn up to form a lecherous grin. This is going to be easier than I thought and doubt she will have any problem with leaving her apartment behind for good to join her brother in my bed.

I playfully ask, “You want to fuck your brother?”

Her blue eyes roll as she smirks and says, “Yes, Nicole, I want to fuck my brother in the ass.”

I nod and say, “Go for it.”

She smiles at just how well I am taking things and asks, “You don’t mind?”

I shake my head and say, “Not at all. If you want to fuck your brother in his ass, have fun.” Her eyes sparkle at my response. Before she has a chance to respond, I continue, “Before you fuck him, there’s just one thing you have to do first.”

Her face is flushed a little as she asks, “What’s that?”

My grin widens a little more as I say, “Get fucked in the ass by him.”

Her blue eyes widen and her face loses the redness. What?”

My face drops the grin completely as I leave no doubt this is no joking matter. “Your brother is going to fuck you in your ass first and you have to take every inch before you can even think of using my strapon.”

She scowls at the idea of having her asshole violated and says, “This has got poker oyna to be a fucking joke. You can’t be serious.”

I nod and look deeply into her blue eyes. “I am quite serious, Samantha. That’s the deal we made when I started fucking him. I took every inch he has that first time, then gave him every inch. Both of our assholes get filled every time I use my strapon.”

Her face looks funny as she tries to take it all in and says, “Forget it.”

I laugh softly as I say, “To bad, Nicole. It’s going to happen and I don’t give a fuck what you think.”

Anger is starting to rise as her face reddens pleasantly by several shades. “Fuck you, bitch.”

I keep calm and let the words roll off of me like water. “You sucked your brother’s dick and swallowed his fucking cum. Either he fucks you in the ass, or I tell everyone you know.”

She glares at me with hate in her blue eyes and says, “You’re bluffing.”

I hold her gaze and say, “No, Nicole, I’m not. Not only am I going to tell them you sucked his dick, I’m going to say I caught the two of you in my bed fucking.”

A tear starts to fall from her as she asks, “Why are you doing this?”

I smile as I say, “Because, I’m a fucking bitch and I can.”

Chase enters the room and yawns out as he reaches for a cup, “Can what, hon?”

My eyes move to his as he turns with a full cup and say, “Have you fuck her in the ass.”

He takes a sip and yawns out, “Works for me.”

Samantha turns to him and her eyes avoid his erection as she says, “She says she’s going to tell everyone I sucked your dick and we’ve been fucking, if I don’t let you fuck me in the ass. Tell her just how nuts that is, Chase.”

He moves to sit next to her as I say, “She forgot about the part about wanting to fuck you in the ass.”

He turns to her and grins as his eyes focus on his sister’s tits and says, “Let me get this straight, Samantha. You want to fuck my ass, but you don’t want me to fuck yours. Why is she the bitch?”

Her face flushes as she hears her brother talk so nonchalantly about everything and asks, “What the fuck is wrong with both of you?”

I lose my smile and say, “You sucked your brother’s dick and want to fuck him in the ass. Don’t even think that you’re innocent.”

She scowls as she says, “I was drunk and you took advantage of me.”

I nod as I say, “At first, you were very drunk, but not the entire time. When you sucked his dick, you were completely sober. You could have gotten out of the bed, but you stayed. You sure as hell weren’t fighting when he was eating your pussy and you didn’t keep your tongue in your mouth when you ate mine. Just cut the shit already.”

Her mouth is open a little at my words and her pale face has changed a few shades darker than before. Samantha knows she is in a situation she just can’t win and it is clear she will get no support from her brother. I don’t believe she will risk me saying anything about this to anyone and knows me well enough to know that I never bluff.

She is starting to recover from the shock as she says, “You are evil.”

I laugh at the words and nod as I say, “Maybe so, but I don’t really give a shit what you think. Get on your knees and suck your brother’s dick.”

Chase smiles broadly and moves so his hard dick is pointing at her, which takes her by surprise and she says, “No. I’m not doing shit for either of you, so fuck off.”

I hold her angry gaze and say, “Either you get down on your knees or he’s going to bend you over and fuck you in your ass right now.”

She shakes her head in disgust and says, “You wouldn’t.”

I give her a warm smile and say, “Not only will he fuck your ass, he’ll do it without a single drop of lube.”

Her eyes move to Chase’s and she says, “You wouldn’t do that to me?”

His blue eyes hold hers as he says, “Yes, Samantha, I will.”

She cries out, “You can’t do this to me. I’m your sister.”

He grins and his words leave his lips with no doubt about his intention. “So what? I’m going to fuck your ass, sister, so don’t think there’s any way you’re getting out of it. It’s just a matter of when. If I fuck your ass right now it will be without lube, or I fuck your ass later with lube. It’s your choice, sister.”

Her eyes shoot daggers at both of as she says, “Fine. I’ll get on my fucking knees and suck my brother’s dick, but don’t think for an instant that I’m a willing participant in any of this.”

I grin and say, “I don’t give a fuck about the willing part. Get on your fucking knees and when he cums, don’t swallow a single drop. You’re going to hold all of it in your mouth until I tell you otherwise.”

She lets out a groan of defeat as she moves back from the table. I move to watch closely as she hits her knees and Chase walks the few steps needed to be in place. canlı poker oyna His massive dick is pointed right at her mouth and he is waiting for her to part her lips. It is so fucking hot to watch this and I know she will do whatever I want, even if it does take a little bit of blackmail and some minor threats of anal without lube.

Samantha hesitates for a moment, but I pull her blonde hair back and she screams out. The scream is quickly muffled as he sticks his dick inside and I hold her head in place to prevent her from pulling away. She gags hard on his dick and I force her head forward just a little and she tries to pull away. Her lips look wonderfully stretched around his shaft and seeing her like this makes me very wet.

My eyes move up to his and I can tell he is enjoying every moment of this. He starts to move his hips and is building up a good rhythm, which causes her to gag from the face fucking he is giving her. On occasion, I force her head to take him deeper and she cries out from the abuse her mouth is getting at our hands. My hands, at any rate and definitely from her brother’s dick.

Once he is close I look at her eyes and say, “Remember, don’t swallow shit.”

She tries to say something in response, but his dick will not allow the words to leave her mouth. He grunts out as he thrusts hard and I move my eyes to her lips. My hands get a good grip on her hair to ensure her mouth will fill and she gives a muffled cry at the pain I have just brought. My pussy is dripping from the fun I am having with both of them. Some of his cum is dripping down her lips, but she is holding most of it in.

The grunts pass and I know he has shot the last of his load into his sister’s mouth, which causes me to release my grip on her blonde hair and say, “Stay on your knees and keep your brother’s cum in your mouth. If you don’t, I’ll get the strapon on and fuck your ass right now. Do I make myself clear?”

She is shaking as she nods her head and I grab my empty coffee cup. I take my time to refill it, which is the last of the coffee and I have no interest in starting another pot. My cup is not quite full, but I don’t need it to be for what I have planned.

I move to stand before her and Chase has returned to his seat. He is breathing heavily after the exertion his body just went through and I know he won’t be ready to go again anytime soon. I consider myself fortunate that he has a good recovery time and know his massive dick will be hard more than once before the day is through.

I place my mostly full cup beneath her lips and say, “Spit out your brother’s cum.”

Her blue eyes are glaring at me with pure hatred, but that will pass and she will learn to enjoy herself. Samantha parts her lips and the white starts to dribble into my cup. It looks wonderful as her brother’s cum contrasts with the black of my coffee and I am looking forward to drinking every last drop of it.

The last of his cum drips into my cup and down to her chin as I say, “You can get up and finish your coffee.”

Her blue eyes want to kill me and the glare she is giving her brother tells me she hates him even more. I take a sip and smile at the wonderful flavor his cum brings, which does taste a little better than I expected. Perhaps it’s the taste of his cum mixed with her spit, but more likely it is the taste of victory.

I finish the last of the cum flavored coffee and place the empty cup in the sink. My bladder is full and I am tempted to take her outside to piss on her, but hold off on that notion. Granted, it is one of the things I have always wanted to do and always refrained, but that will change soon enough. The only reason I do not piss on her right now is that I may push her a little too hard and can’t have that.

I call out, “I’m going to take a shower. Have fun.”

Even before the water turns on, I can hear her moaning loudly from what can only be her brother’s tongue working her pussy. She is wonderfully loud and not even the sound of the shower can fully drown out the noise that sex brings within the walls of my house. My hands reach to my clit with intent, but I pull back to prevent myself from taking too much time. Besides, I need a good fucking and my own hands just will not do.

By the time my shower is finished, her moans have subsided and am looking forward to seeing his face. Judging by just how loud she was a moment ago, there must have been an explosive force. I’m glad she is very loud, since that is one more woman the neighbors get to hear.

I glance out my bedroom window in hopes of seeing someone out there. As I put on my white clothing that is very skimpy, my eyes find someone new at a neighbor’s house. His muscles are very powerful as he works out in the driveway and I know an introduction is in order.

I grab an extra set of skimpy clothing internet casino and take it into the room where they are waiting. His face is thoroughly soaked and hers has all the hallmarks of his cum. It is a lovely sight and she does not show the slightest hint of embarrassment over the pleasure she just received from her brother.

I toss her the clothes I picked out as I say, “Get cleaned up, both of you. I’ll be back.”

Samantha has hope in her voice as she asks, “Are you going to be gone long?”

I disappoint her as I say, “No. Going hunting for some new meat in our neighborhood.”

I throw on a pair of shoes and step out into the morning air. The cold snap is finally gone and I can enjoy being outside. It is still a little chilly out, but not anywhere near as bad as it has been. My steps carry me quickly to that muscular body and I can hear his groans from lifting weights.

I give a warm smile as I call out, “Good morning.”

He sets the weights down and his dark eyes are focused on my nipples. He possesses the darkest body I have ever seen and my pussy starts to drip in anticipation. My eyes move down the muscles of his dark chest and settle on his hardening crotch, which is hardly covered by anything. I know this one is truly gifted and I have to have him inside of me.

He grins as he says, “Morning. What can I do to you, sexy momma?”

I hold his grin with my own as I say, “You must be new. I haven’t seen you before.”

The white of his teeth look wonderful against his dark lips as he says, “Visiting my brother and only here for the day.”

Of course I knew he was visiting, since I know where everyone lives. The only thing I didn’t know was his relation. His brother does have dark flesh, but not as dark as this man standing before me. I always thought his brother was a little odd, since he has never bothered to look out his window to watch anything.

I ask, “Is your brother here?”

He shakes his head and says, “No, sexy momma, just me.”

I pout my lips playfully as I say, “Guess I’m just fucking you then.”

His eyes widen at my words and he quickly recovers as he asks, “Right now?”

I nod and say, “Just as soon as you get those shorts off.”

He steps back into the garage and drops his shorts, which reveals a massive dick that has to be a good inch bigger than Chase. I follow after him with a wicked grin and my eyes are locked onto the massive member that is calling to fill my dripping pussy. Once I am in the garage, he wants me to continue to follow into the house, but I come to a stop.

I call out with a playful voice, “Where are you going?”

He stops his movement and says, “In the house to fuck you, sexy momma.”

I scowl and turn around as I say, “No need. Just bend me over and fuck me right here.”

I pull up my skirt to show there is nothing to come between his dick and the pink of my pussy. His footsteps echo as he walks towards me without another word needing to be said. Powerful hands force me onto the ground and I can feel the head of his dick pressing against my hole. My knees and tits are both on the filthy floor and I know they will leave a wonderful impression throughout the rest of the day.

My eyes scan for any sign of someone watching and there he is, Mr. Blinds. I moan out as his dick penetrates my pussy with every inch he has and he is soon grunting from his powerful thrusts. My pussy hasn’t felt this full in a long time and my moans get louder with every movement he makes.

The sound of us fucking echoes off of the garage walls and Mr. Blinds is watching everything. My body is being taken to wonderful heights and I hear his grunting starting to change. I try to keep my eyes open, but they force themselves against my will and I moan out far louder.

I feel his dick twitching inside and my body is engulfed in the ecstatic pleasure that only this action can bring. Wave after wave is crashing hard over my body and I feel our shared orgasms to have perfect timing. I am completely lost to this moment and don’t care how loud I get as I share the pleasure with all that can hear what we are doing.

My eyes open as I feel him pull out of my pussy and I wish his brother were here to take over. I get up off of the ground and feel our remnant start to drip a little from my pussy onto my thighs. Moving my body towards him, I can see the exhaustion in his face and know he gave me all he had.

I stare into his dark eyes and say, “Really is a shame you aren’t moving in.”

He nods and manages, “Yeah… Shame.”

As I turn away from his face, I say, “Tell your brother not to be a stranger.”

He mumbles out something, but I have no idea what it is and start to move back to my house. My ass is clearly visible from anyone that is watching and I smile broadly at knowing more than just Mr. Blinds had witnessed what I just did. I feel a little drip out with each step and smile at the sensation that my pussy is no longer aching. I want to look down at my knees, but that can wait a little longer.

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